Roku Troubleshooting

WND-TV returns on Roku : Find solutions for Trouble shooting

The number of channels in Roku is increasing day by day, but so are the issues. Let us discuss in detail about the new addition on the Roku platform, i.e., WND TV and a few issues that have become common in Roku.

There are many Roku users who are a big fan of WND TV. Well, there is all reasons to be fan of this channel because it offers high definition quality movies and TV shows for free. Yes, you have seen it right, the content is free on WND TV. But, this channel was removed from the Roku a few months ago, leading to a huge disappointment among the Roku users. The disappointment was so big that it even resulted in the dip of sales of the Roku devices.

Roku WND TVBut, that story is long gone and now, WND TV is back with a bang. Back in the day, people used to enjoy the videos of WND TV on their smartphones and computers, but after its return to the Roku platform, the service will be available on television as well. Roku users who are using TV to watch the streamed content will be able to watch HD quality content for free only at WND TV. This is a great news for Roku, and I am pretty sure that the services of Roku, which is already renowned in the world is going to get a lot more boost after the addition of WND TV.

There are a number of hit shows on WND TV that Roku users can get access to. Some shows are blockbuster hits, which other networks are giving at a certain price, but on WND TV, they are being streamed for free.

There is no doubt upon the fact that Roku has really gained a lot of ground since its inception. The company has successfully associated with a plethora of networks in all these years, thus giving the Roku users an edge over those who are loyal to other brands. But, that doesn’t mean that Roku is a flawless platform because in the recent times, I have seen various problems engulfing the device and causing disruptions in the streaming. We are going to shed light on those issues as well.

roku Error Roku not connecting to Wi-Fi is one of the major issues that Roku users have been facing for a long time. Sometimes, the device connects, but most of the times, it doesn’t, thus resulting in boring evenings. Roku has to come up with a permanent solution for this problem, otherwise all the ground that the company has gained in all these years is going to be snatched away by other companies who are not far behind.

The next issue is ‘Roku remote not working’, which is not as annoying as Roku not connecting to Wi-Fi, but yes, an issue is an issue, and it must be resolved. There are many websites that explain how to get rid of the problem, so you can go and check out the troubleshooting steps on one of those website if your Roku remote is not working.

Roku-error 014The third issue that I want to address is related to the HDCP unauthorized Roku. This is a complex issue, which can only be resolved by professionals. Therefore, it will be better to find the technical support provider and take their help to get rid of this problem. This issue is less likely to happen, but as people are getting the error messages on their screen, so there must be an increment in this issue lately.

The fourth issue that is becoming prevalent is Roku error code 014. This error code appears when there is a problem in the Ethernet. The problem can be due to anything, but it needs to be resolved, otherwise it won’t be possible to stream content from smartphone, tablet, PC or online networks like WND TV to the smart TV or HD TV.