Roku Troubleshooting

Why Should I Not Able To Stream Rightnow Media On My Roku Media Player?

Most of the issues that have been noticed so far in Roku are due to network connection. It is recommended to use a network that provides at least 3 mbps speed to a device. For proper functioning of any streaming media device it is necessary to have good internet speed. If there is Roku streaming issue, it is also due to the fact that Roku Not Connecting to internet server properly.

If you are using Wi-Fi connection to connect Roku to the internet then you must consider the following factors i.e., the distance between your router and Roku device, type of obstructions like bookshelves, walls and appliances. The more the obstructions in between more will be difficult for Roku to receive the signal. You can even check the strength of your wireless signal by moving to settings then to networks. It is essential to update the connection if you are observing nothing about network connection on screen.

How fast is your network speed?

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You can run speed test of your available network through following method:

  1. You are required to press these buttons from your remote: home, home, again for 3 consecutive times then rewind twice and fast forward two times.
  2. Enable the playback debugging option next after performing the first step.
  3. Lastly, come out of the place and search the video that has to be played.
  4. You may encounter a Roku Remote Not Working problem then there’s nothing to worry simply replace the batteries of your remote or see if there is any obstruction between the remote sensor and device sensor.

Your Roku will let you know about the network speed in terms of bit rate, it is receiving from the internet. If you are getting less then 3mbps speed than you have to move your Roku closer to the router where it can get stronger signal. If you are having problem with the network then you can call your internet service provider to repair your broadband network. If you are not able to set your default network speed with new remote codes then you can use the previous codes for setting the bit rate to 3.5 mbps

Roku Error 014   Roku-Remote-Control-Broken

Sometimes you might have noticed Roku Error Code 014 on the purple screen. It is again an issue of wireless connection. To resolve this issue, you can try these steps:

  • Connect your Roku through Ethernet cable with modem or router.
  • Go to Roku settings and complete the setup process for wired connection.
  • During active Ethernet connection, go to settings and enable wireless connection.
  • After choosing this option select your network from list of available wireless networks.
  • Enter your password and you will able to access the wireless network.

Who else is using my network?

If you are using more than one device on your network then you will need a connection with faster speed and bandwidth as it is to be divided among all the connected devices. It has been often seen that it is difficult to watch video on weekends then to watch whole week in churches. This happens due to heavy rush of member on a network in church during the weekends and less during the working days. The solution to this problem is having a private network that is not be accessible by any member other than the church staff.

Network interference:

There are many reasons of your network interference. Most commonly known are microwave ovens placed nearby, direct satellite service, wireless speakers placed in your home, power lines, mobile phones and other wireless devices that operates on 2.4 to 5 GHz frequency.

Even if everything is installed properly and there is proper internet speed then also you will see HDCP Unauthorized Roku message on your screen then you need to unplug your HDMI connector and reconnect it again at both ends. For more support you can visit the Roku support website.