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What’s The Process Of Setting Up Antenna TV Input On Roku TV?

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Roku TVs are popular all across the United States. The fact that these devices offer a wide range of digital content makes them the most preferred choice among users. Roku TVs come with an ATSC tuner, which allows access to the digital ‘over-the-air’ broadcast TV.

In order to access these channels, people can use an HDTV antenna, which they can connect to the antenna TV input on their Roku TVs. Now, the question comes as to how people should connect HDTV antenna to their Roku TVs. Some know how to do it, but there are many who don’t know, so for those, I’ve laid out this blog post.

How to connect to an HDTV antenna

It is possible for you to receive free ‘over-the-air’ TV broadcasts from TV stations that are broadcasting content in the close proximity using an HDTV antenna.

If you are looking to watch content that is being broadcasted by nearby channels, then you must connect your HDTV antenna to right input of Roku device.

  1. You need to start off with connecting HDTV antenna to ‘Cable In/Ant’ connector using a coaxial cable, which you can find on the backside of Roku device.
  2. After connecting the cable, you need to turn on the Roku TV followed by going to ‘Home’. On ‘Home’ screen, you will be able to see the option named ‘antenna TV’. In case, you don’t, then you can add it by going to ‘Settings’, then, ‘TV Inputs’, ‘Antenna TV’ and finally, ‘Set up Input’.
  3. At last, you will have to follow the instructions that are given on your TV screen in order to finish the setup process.

Note: How many TV stations will you be able to watch depends upon the placement of your HDTV antenna. The placement of the antenna will also be affecting the quality of the TV signal. So, let the complete channel scan be fully done and then, you’ll start getting the list of available channels.

How to find out the programs that are being broadcasted in my area after connecting HDTV antenna?

There will be an option named ‘Smart Guide’, which is going to help you find ‘over-the-air’ TV shows and movies that are broadcasted at that time or will broadcast in the near future.

How to connect to a cable TV source?

In case you have a subscription to cable TV, then you may receive some analog and digital TV stations like local TV stations. You don’t have to use a set-top box to decode those channels. If that’s the case, you will have to connect the cable TV source to the ‘Cable In/Ant’ connector, which is given on the backside of the Roku TV. To make this process easier, you can get in touch with your cable firm to identify if they have ‘in the clear’ signals on your cable, which will work on a standard TV RF input.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Connect the coaxial cable from cable source to ‘Cable In/Ant’ connector given on Roku TV.
  2. Once that is done, turn on the Roku TV followed by going to ‘Home’ screen and then, selecting ‘Antenna TV’. If you don’t find Antenna TV, then add it by going to ‘settings’ then, ‘TV inputs’, ‘Antenna TV’ and finally, ‘Set Up Input’.
  3. Go through the instructions that you see on the television in order to finish the setup.

This was the process of setting up Antenna input on your Roku TV. If you are not able to access nearby channels through your Roku device, then you can take help of experts.

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