What’s new in Roku updated mobile app, let’s find out!

There is no need to take help from the Roku link as Roku owners can easily download this app from their smartphone app store. This app is available on android and apple platform. Now users need not worry in case their Roku remote gets misplaced. They can simply download the virtual remote on their smartphone.

Roku has recently launched an updated mobile app that will not only function as a Roku remote but is also loaded with lots of amazing features. The newly update Roku version that is available for download on www Roku com link is 4.0. This app is packed with the features that are never released before in the market.

Roku mobile App

When you use this app, then the very first thing that you will observe in the latest version is a total visual makeover. Apart from the sleekness and appearance of features in the new app, you will find navigation option at the bottom of your Roku mobile home screen from where you can easily switch to different sections from one to another. The major feature that is added in this new app version is ‘what’s on’ feature.  We are going to discuss this feature now in our blog post. It will be considered helpful for you.  In case, you are having a problem with your Roku or your Roku not working after the update, then contact the Roku support center or log onto www Roku com support link from the web browser.

Click on what’s on the tab and after opening, you will find a number of shows and movies currently available for watching. Click on any one of them according to your choice and it will automatically start casting on TV, without any need to click on ‘cast’ option from other services. If you feel boredom with the present list of your channels, then you can also find out the new stuff on new channels with the help of this feature.

We all know that Roku was the first company who had offered its streaming media players to the customers in the market and is still popular among the customers globally. From the last two years, Roku has also joined its hands with the TV manufacturer companies like insignia, TCL, Hisense and sharp to develop Roku-branded TVs. Every second TV purchased by the customer in the U.S market works on Roku platform. So we can judge its popularity from its sale in the market.

The Roku-branded TV is offering more than 450000 movies and approximately 4400 channels to its buyers. This has been proven a great platform for the company by its members.

There were times when you required to pick the streaming service by own to check the latest contents if available but the things are totally changed with this new version. Now everything is available on the screen and you will get updates related to each channel contents on your screen only. Yes, if your HDMI is not properly connected to the TV, then you may not be able to watch the contents seamlessly and you will get HDCP unauthorized Roku message on the screen. So connect the HDMI cable firmly with the TV port.

The updated Roku app is soon going to launch on all the app stores by this week. You will find this app on both the android and iOS platforms.