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What To Do If Getting Problem In Updating The Roku Software?

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Roku streaming player has been designed to work on latest OS version. When you turn on your Roku player, it will always check for new updates if available any. It will automatically start downloading and installing on your device. You don’t need to stop playing the content while downloading the OS updates.

What are the different causes of error during the software update?

When you perform an update, your device must be connected to a good internet connection. If for some reason, your network is not working as it should be, then there are chances of getting a failure message on the screen. You will get one or another code on the screen.

How to update your Roku software successfully?

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At some instance, Roku service may go down and you may receive error code related to this on your screen. If this condition arises, then you need to wait for some minutes and try again later. If Roku team is aware of this outage problem, then you will receive notification at the top of the support page. You can visit official support page to check any new notification.

If the same problem continues multiple times and no alert is displayed on the screen, then the issue is with internet connectivity. You can try the below mentioned steps to fix the problem.

  1. Check whether you have connected the Roku to correct SSID or not. Selecting Wrong network name may lead to failure of the connection. You won’t be able to connect your Roku to the official update page. If you are unsure of the network name you are currently connected to, then check it from network service provider page.
  2. Check if the router is working normally or not. For this, you can open any page on your computer browser or any alternate device by using the same router. If you are succeeded, then it means the router is ok. Follow next troubleshooting step.
  3. Are you getting a strong wireless signal at the location from where you are trying to connect Roku to the update server? If all other devices connected to the same network are able to access the internet with same network name and password but you are getting problem in updating the software, then there is the possibility of error in your network. Check the distance between your router and Roku. Too much long distance may affect the connectivity and strength of the signal. To improve the signal strength and quality, you can visit ‘How to improve the signal quality’ link from your browser.
  4. Restart your Roku and router. Check if the problem is solved or not.
  5. To restart your media player, go to ‘Settings’, ‘System’ then to ‘System restart’. If you are using a Roku TV, then all the steps are almost same. Another method to restart your device is; just disconnect it from the power supply and connect it back to supply after 10 seconds.
  6. To restart the network modem and router, check the manuals of your router manufacturer or visit the official site of Router manufacturer. You will find a complete guide on the page. The simple and easiest way to restart your router is; plug out the device and plug it back after some seconds. The restarting process may take some time. So you need to sit back and relax.
  7. Now, there is no need to connect the Roku to the router again. It will automatically detect the router and SSID. Yes, if you are setting up for maiden time, then you may require entering the network details in your Roku device with the help of remote.

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