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What Roku OS 8.1 Update Has To Offer To The Users?

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Roku has recently made an announcement in which it has said that there is going to be a big update to the Roku Operating System, i.e., Roku OS 8.1. This OS is going to appear in all Roku Media streaming players, so if you are using one, then you should be seeing the update related popup in a few days’ time.

Similar to the previous Roku OS updates, this new update is also going to come with plentiful new features and surprising changes to the OS. When talking about the big changes that you will see in the OS 8.1 update, then those are going to be the ‘selection of live news channels’ that will be coming to Roku channel. With these channels, Roku will be able to provide 24-hour news feeds to its users.

The live news feed is a great feature because it will allow users to watch around-the-clock news service without paying any additional cost. All major news channels will be available on Roku platform. The stream is going to consist of the main feed along with two smaller feeds in which breaking news will be displayed along with all upcoming stories.

This feature is different from MSNBC or CNN non-stop live coverage because, in CNN and MSNBC, the live coverage always revolves around a debate or discussion. Differentiating ABC news live from others is obvious, especially when the news you are interested in coming in the form of stories, and not some expert talk.

Where ABC News Live is the focal point for many live news channels, Roku, on the other hand, is going to roll out a number of other news channels with prime attention to each one of them. Cheddar will create content for those who are interested in Tech and entertainment, whereas, those who want to see news on lifestyle and celebrity can go and watch PeopleTV.

If ABC Live News is not bringing you enough news, then you can go to Newsy channel to watch general world news. This news also features programming from a number of shows that are available on the network.

Besides these news channels, Roku is also bringing a number of exciting features that will enhance the functionality of Roku channel, especially the ability to pause and resume content in between, whether it is a movie or an episode. Back in the day, you could only manually fast-forward to where you had left off in the content, but you don’t have to do that anymore. You can go to ‘continue watching’ tab that is present on the landing page of Roku channel.

You need to select to connect, as that will help you pick up from where you have left watching your content. The last new feature that you are going to see in Roku device after it is updated to the latest version is multicast private listening. Although these modes are available on Roku remote, when you use the modes on Roku app on your smartphone, then Roku devices are going to allow you to add four separate Android or iOS devices wirelessly. Doing that will help deliver audio to each device at a time. This is a great feature that will be a lot useful if you are a binge-watcher and don’t want to disturb anyone.

Roku users can expect this update to roll out in the starting of May 2018. So, don’t wait to download and install this update as it is going to change the way you’ve been watching movies and shows on Roku.

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