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What Is The Way To Troubleshoot Issues In Roku Streaming Device?

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Roku is a renowned streaming device that is used to watch popular movies and TV shows at a highly affordable price. Using Roku, you can turn any LCD/LED TV into a smart TV. In this blog post, we will discuss how to troubleshoot issues in Roku streaming device.

Although you are getting access to more than thousands of channels through Roku com link, some of us are still facing problems while using the streaming service from this device. Are you also facing any problem related to Roku media streaming player? The time is over.

Now, we are going to provide the troubleshooting steps for each and every problem you faced while playing the contents via this blog post. There is no need to take help from www support Roku com link after reading this blog post as we have covered all your problems in an easy and accurate way.

Now we are going to discuss the problems one by one along with the solutions.

1st problem:  formats supported by Roku player are limited

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This is one of the major limitation of using a Roku player. When you connect the Roku device to your mobile and try to play videos that are saved on your mobile, then it hardly supports 1-2 file formats. These are mainly MP4, MKV, and MOV. If your file format is not in the above-mentioned format, then it won’t play the particular format.

The permanent fix to this problem is using a third party ‘All cast’ software. You can download this software from the android play store or from the Apple store. After downloading the software, install it on your smartphone and connect the smartphone and Roku player on same Wi-Fi network. Open the Allcast app and it will show the list of streaming players automatically. Select Roku player from it and connect the device to Roku com page.

2nd problem: Media streaming problem from PC to Roku

The concrete solution for this problem is yet not available on Roku official website but we recommend you to set up Roku Account and use third party tool for casting the media contents from computer to big screen. Wondershare is the most appropriate converter used by many Roku users. This is a user-friendly tool and you can directly cast the contents from your local computer with the help of a single click. For more information and support, go to Roku official website.

3rd problem: buffering problem and low-quality videos

The main reason behind this problem is a poor internet connection, if the speed of an internet connection is not proper, then you may come across the video buffering problem. The min speed required for watching high-quality videos is 3 MBPS. If the speed doesn’t match the criteria, then you won’t be able to watch high-quality videos without buffering. To improve the network speed, place the device closer to the router and replace Roku if required.

4th problem: Freezing problem

Though it is not a common problem, there are some people who are distressed with this gruesome experience. To get rid of this problem, turn off the Roku player for a minute and switch it on again. After this, update your Roku by entering credentials in your Roku account link. Sometimes, Roku freezes if your Channel is not activated with Roku code.

So, you need to enter the Roku link code for the individual channel on your Roku account or use another platform for playing the contents through the internet. The format issue must be kept in mind while playing the media from the local device. If the file format is not supported, then first convert the format and then play in on your device.

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