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What Are The Limitations Of Roku Media Player?

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Cable cutters undoubtedly reduce your expenses, but they do not provide you with the facility of watching all your favorite shows through a specific medium. So rather than using Cable Cutters, you can go for the option of Smart TV and Roku is one of them. On Roku, you can watch all your favorite movies and other shows following your choice at a very limited cost.

If you are using Roku Smart TV, then you are not required to make any payments to cable companies to access any premium application. But, there are certain factors and drawbacks you should focus on when using Roku.

One of the major drawbacks is a compromise in content, some of the channels supported by Roku (like sports channel), do not can stream over the Roku Smart TV. If we talk about Apple, then Apple-Smart TV supports more than one channel of a single module (such as ABC), but it is not possible when you are using Roku TV. In Sony Smart TV, there are multiple special services provided to their customers like play station and again in Roku, there is no support for these services.

Though, if we ignore the fact that content gets compromised in Roku, it is very easy for you to access the services provided by Roku to their customers. But, if you are a subscriber of Comcast, then you might not able to access few of the channels, as Roku does not support, ignoring the fact that you have paid for services.

Roku enables you to access a number of streaming services that consist of Amazon, HBO-GO, HULU, Netflix etc.

There are many other smart TV’s available on the market such as Sony, LG, Apple, Samsung and many more. These smart TV’s have very limited support in terms of searching, but, you will not encounter these types of problems in Roku. If you search for “Robin Williams”, numerous videos will get displayed on your screen of the “late comedian” and it is very easy for you to stream these videos and can also check out the cost acquired for accessing multiple services.

Tunes are available on Roku smart TV, through which you can easily have access on multiple TV shows in HD quality from multiple channels like ABC, FOX, CBS and many more, all you require is Antenna attached to your device. You can have access to it in a single click through the home screen. External devices “digital video recorder, blue ray video, cable box” having its own tiles on the home screen which can be accessed easily.

 Some modifications are necessary to be introduced in Roku, such as – there must be the availability of TV listing in Roku, it should also have support to “single button access” for searching via Remote. In Samsung, the search can be done through voice command, this can be done in Roku, but not efficient enough as multiple clicks are needed. TCL and HI-sense Model of Roku compromise the picture quality.

After ignoring few of its drawback mentioned above, it can be said that Roku is moving towards a great success.

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