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Update Your Roku Channel And Grab Live News Service For Free

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Upgrading your Roku channel from current version to the 8.1 version will let you enjoy live news, and that too for free. If you are new to this update and want to know more about it, then keep reading this post. You will be able to get the complete information about it.

Some weeks ago, Roku revealed its upcoming live news feature which they have added in its Roku update 8.1. They have taken into consideration the most popular news channels like ABC news, Cheddar, and Newsy. This update is available to download for all users. They can download it from the internet.

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Roku has released a statement in which it has said that its team has refurbished a Roku channel completely to provide easy user interfacing to the users. Users will find it easy to access all stuff on Roku channel updated version. According to Roku VP, the company is partnering will well-reputed companies like People, Newsy and Cheddar to provide real value of streaming to its users.

The name of new feature going to receive on Roku update is ‘Live and linear’ which was much awaited by a number of users. If we talk of OTT viewing, then no other channel is better than ABC news in terms of news broadcasting. Roku is also delighted to have a partnership with such a reputed company.

Apart from the news channel, you will find a number of amazing features in this update. So, all you have to do is just connect your device to the internet and connect it to Roku server. Download an update from there and install in your device. This download is available without any charge. You will be glad to see the new doors of entertainment after downloading this update. Roku always tries to add customer oriented or requested features to its new update so it has added this feature to the demand of its customers.

The demand for live news is increasing day by day. More and more number of customers are willing to watch the news to know what’s happening in their region and in the world. Moreover, they look forward to watching unbiased and accurate news from their media channel.

Colby Smith, VP at ABC News in his press conference said that they have experimented with many companies to provide live news on their platform and find that it is best for Roku because the young generation nowadays prefer to watch the news and their first choice in the field of media streaming player is Roku only. So, they are providing the platform for Roku to provide live news through it.

Daniel Schneider, VP of another news company Cheddar said that Roku is the best platform for new innovations. That is why they have added their news service in this channel. The company is adding this service so as to promote the service globally through the renowned streaming platform, Roku. This deal will be definitely beneficial for Roku as well as for Cheddar news service. You can enjoy news related to technology and business through Cheddar.

If you have not updated the Roku yet, then do perform an update first and check if you are started getting the news live feature or not. For any support, call at Roku support.

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