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Tips To Use The Roku Box Efficiently.

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There are much more things you can do with your Roku rather than just streaming the content like cast photos from your mobile phone, rename Roku, change the theme, etc. So go through the following process to use these features.

Roku is not merely a media streaming device but is more than this as it can be used for viewing pictures from mobile devices, Changing themes, Installing new screensavers, renaming the device, etc. But many are not even aware of these features thus today we have a small guide to direct you in using all these features with your Roku box.

Roku can be used to view the mobile phone images, videos, etc. on your television. So if in case you want to show some pictures or videos to all your friends and family members then you don’t need to gather them around your small phone screen as you can just cast all those pics and videos to your television screen using your Roku. Due to which everyone can view them clearly at a time. For this, you need to open the Roku app and click on the option to “Play on Roku.” Now select the files you want to see on your TV screen. You can also mirror your mobile device to Roku.

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You can organize your channel list if you might face difficulty while searching titles from a huge list of content. Organizing the channels will ease the access to them. For assembling the channels, you should highlight the channel and press the “Asterisk” button on your remote to select the option to “Move Channel.” Now move the channel to the desired location using the directions keys of your remote. Now press “Ok” to move it to the folder you have reached after moving.

If a user is not satisfied with the default theme of Roku, then they can change it by accessing the other available options for it. It might be because many people don’t like the purple color. So to change the Theme, one should open the “Settings” menu and select the option to “Get more Themes.” It will display you the list of Themes so choose the one you find the best. You can get Roku help if you find any problem while using any of these Roku features.

You can install new screen savers if you don’t like the Roku logo moving around the screen while you are not streaming any content. Although most of the times changing the Theme adjusts the screen saver to a different one, still if you find that it is not changed then you can change it from the option to “Choose a screensaver” present under the “Settings menu.”

Users can rename their Roku by assigning a new name. Naming a device becomes necessary if a user has multiple Roku boxes. It becomes easier to access devices by their names from the Roku app. You can rename the Roku by logging into your account from page. Once you open up your account, then click on “Connected Devices” to view the list of devices connected to your Roku account. Once the list of devices is displayed, identify the Roku for which you want to change the name and click on the option for “Rename” in front of it. So type in the new name to rename the Roku.

So these were few features you can use to make the efficient use of your Roku devices. In case you find any Roku issues then feel free to get Roku Support for addressing the issue quickly.

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