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Hisense Roku TVs are now available in Canada

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Roku users in Canada will glad to know that Hisense Roku TV models are stepped in the land of Canada. For more information, you can visit Hisense Roku TV website. If we talk about the best streaming device in the US, then which name hits your mind? Exactly and the same name we’re thinking as […]


Roku Screen Mirroring Is Still In Beta Mode

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The question whether Roku screen mirroring is ready or not is still debatable. Though, the company has not told anyone as to when this feature would be available, therefore it is still assumed that there is time before this feature moves from beta mode to a full-fledge mode. Streaming boxes are things of the past. […]

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Roku users, are you ready to stream these television shows?

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Get ready for new series, coming to your Roku Platform, whether we talk about the speed of Flash or adventures of Supergirl, you guys can your favorite content via different online streaming service and popular channels. For any support, you can visit Roku Com Alright, so are you tired of last month’s television premiers? Then […]