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Roku’s Warning Message Against All Pirated Channels.

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Roku is putting all of its best efforts to fight against all the pirated content being streamed through it. So it has now built a warning message to notify its users when they are streaming an uncertified channel.

Roku being the most popular streaming devices was hacked earlier to facilitate the streaming of some uncertified channels. Due to which Mexican court asked to ban its sale in Mexico after this issue was identified. Since then Roku and all of its stakeholders were putting all the efforts to come up with one or the other solution for this problem. Although the ban continues in Mexico, still there are many other countries where the Roku is being sold freely without any prohibition.

Roku want’s to avoid this piracy concerns by making all its users aware about the situation that some unauthorized bodies are trying to fool them by directing them towards the channel stores that contain pirated content and the content that may not be fit to viewed by the people belonging to a particular age group. From the past 2-3 years, the internet has gained a prominent place in the lives of individuals, and now they even find it as the best for streaming all the media content on different internet streaming devices like Roku. But in spite of viewing the authorized channels like HBO, stream pix, Youtube, etc., people are being linked to many of the unauthorized channel stores. These unofficial stores contain the uncertified channels, but they look like certified channels and even deliver the quality that is almost similar to that of a certified channel.

Thus to let its users know about the streaming of unauthorized content, it has embedded a feature with Roku that will pop up a warning message before streaming the uncertified channels. So they can stop watching those channels and even stop visiting those unauthorized channel stores. This warning message will promote the use of Roku channel store for viewing all the fresh content that contains no fault and is even certified.

Whenever the users are directed to a uncertified channel, they will receive a warning message that it is an uncertified channel along with an additional message: “ Roku requires all the channel to follow the Roku terms and conditions to assure the delivery of legal content. Roku is not responsible for testing the uncertified channels, and if you continue to view this channel even after this warning, then you might face violating content that may be copyrighted from somewhere. Roku will delete the channel without any giving any notice. If in case that channel is found as pirated or if it doesn’t go with the Roku’s terms and conditions.

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This warning message is useful for tracking all the unauthorized channels and channel stores. All these suspected channel and channel stores can be investigated, and if they are found to exploit the Roku’s working by using it show case their pirated channels, then they will be removed. It can be helpful for taking a strict action against the unauthorized bodies that are the reason for piracy concerns with Roku.

The spokesperson of Roku said that besides this change they are still working on the piracy concerns and will soon bring up more features to fully eliminate the streaming of pirated content through Roku. He said that Roku Channel store has no bugs and not at all pirated the issue is with its free platform that allows its users to stream content from any of the Channel stores that might contain pirated content. For more updates stay tuned to all other upcoming news on it.

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