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Roku’s Voice Assistant: When Is It Going To Launch And What Will It Offer?

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Roku has the knack of surprising its users. Those who are using Roku devices know that the company manufactures some of the best streaming devices in the world. But, Roku is not content with its current scenario, and want to expand its legs into other niches as well. Recently, some reports regarding the company have cropped up in which it is mentioned that Roku is adding a voice-assistant feature to its streaming devices and smart TVs. Let us find out how true these reports are.

Roku is a synonym to world-class streaming. For past many years, there hasn’t been any other company who have brought such great satisfaction to the people than Roku. Moreover, Roku has continuously evolved in the field of digital streaming and smart TVs, so that users can get new experiences in an effortless manner. Roku is now planning to add a voice-assistant feature in its streaming devices and smart TVs, which will catapult the company to the list of top voice-assistant companies such as, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri. Roku doesn’t have to start from the bottom of the table, as people who are using this brand knows that anything created by Roku would be top-notch and long-lasting. The voice-assistant of Roku can be used by saying the magic word, i.e., ‘Roku’.

When will this voice-assistant feature in Roku appear?

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 People don’t have to wait for too long in order to use this feature. They just have to wait until this year’s fall and then, they will be able to use that voice-assistant to control their entertainment in the right manner. Roku has named the voice-assistant ‘Roku Entertainment Assistant’, but this is not the name that people will be saying to activate the device. They just have to say ‘Roku’ and the device will be activated. The voice-assistant feature will appear in the form of an OS update, which people will start receiving in a few months’ time.

A full-fledged voice-assistant in the offing! Really?

But, that is not the only thing that Roku has in the offing, but Roku is also planning to manufacture a full-fledged voice-assistant, which will allow people to control a number of things in their homes or offices. Roku has already launched a licensing program that will permit reputed hardware electronic manufacturing company to display their products to Roku so that Roku can find the best product for its voice-assistant device. There are three things in particular that Roku will need; these are, smart speakers, audio systems, and sound bars. TCL is the first company that has offered its products to Roku. It is TCL that has joined hands with Roku to manufacture smart TVs a few years ago.

Connect all your Roku devices wirelessly with the voice-assistant

Roku is just going to buy the smart speakers from other reputed companies. Roku will blend the hardware with its amazing operating system in order to create a magic in the field of voice-assistance. This operating system is going to allow all the Roku devices to stay connected to the voice-assistant wirelessly. As of now, people could only control the music and videos through the Roku’s voice-assistant, but there is a lot more that it can do, and it’s just that we don’t know about those features.

Roku has become a household brand in the United States, and the whole credit goes to the company’s user-friendly features and reliable functionality. People just have to wait for another few months before they could start using the voice-assistant feature on their Roku streaming devices and smart TVs. Whereas, the full-fledged voice-assistant will roll out by 2019.

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