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Roku’s Voice Against Piracy Has Reached Too Far

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Roku is continuously doing its efforts to stand against piracy. This time it has overdone it. Roku, in order to aware customers against piracy, has started displaying the warning message on screen which they will see when they open apps like YouTube or Netflix. Now, we will discuss this matter and find out how it can impact the customer base of Roku.

Roku is now getting harsh against piracy of content. This move by Roku is receiving appreciation from the users. Some people find this move a good for their personal use but there are some who are criticising it badly. They said that Roku is now getting harsh on their users preventing them from watching pirated content at a low price. This will definitely affect the customer base.

 What’s the role of Roku?

Roku has now taken the access to Netflix and YouTube in its hands. With this, users cannot watch pirated content from this app. This is done to avoid piracy. Though the company is doing good from the piracy point of view, on the other hand, it is bringing downfall to the customer base as they are not getting the stuff which they want to watch with Roku service.

When any user launches Netflix or YouTube app, he will get a warning message on screen which says, ‘FBI Anti-piracy warning’. Copying content is unauthorized according to federal law. You may be fined or go to jail for the same. Roku keeping the claims of copyright infringement in mind has stopped this unauthorized service on its platform.

When users noticed this message on the screen, they were shocked at the same time amazed that everything was working normally until last night but what has happened all of sudden. They have been receiving a warning message on the screen. They find themselves impotent to watch their favorite videos, shows, and movies on Netflix and YouTube. Roku in reply to the customer’s feedback said this message was sent by mistake. There is no such issue from our side. People felt cheated at a time.

Roku in its forum and Twitter delivered its apology to the users by writing that this was simply a technical glitch which is now solved.

Apart from this, the company officials have said that users can start streaming the content from Netflix and YouTube as usual without any fear. If you want to cross check the network settings of both the services, then you can go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘System update’. Click on ‘Check now’. You may require entering login details.

According to some users, this action was performed intentionally by Roku just as to check the traffic for other sets of channels during the YouTube and Netflix outage problem.

Roku in its press conference told that they have been displaying this warning message only after getting the copyright violation issue from the authorized company.

While giving the further details, Roku added that there are some channels which have been blocked by Roku after getting a warning message on it. This happened due to the anti-piracy crackdown.

This anti-piracy campaign will definitely put the wrong impact on the users because they were not aware of the thing that the channels which they had watched till night will stop working from next morning. The channels are YouTube and Netflix mainly. Some users are thinking that Roku might be coming up with a new idea to curb piracy issues encountering on different services.

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