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Roku users can enjoy these two movies on holiday season

If you’re a Roku user then you will be glad to know that you can enjoy the adventure of Kevin on your Roku, yes, exactly we are talking about the same guy who accidentally left behind and made unbelievable traps for thieves. You can easily stream this 1990’s movie by keeping your pace into world of Netflix. Roku holds many popular streaming services and channels for your entertainment with various genres. And if you’re already using this superlative streaming device then you can step ahead to Www support roku com in case you struggle with any technical mess or hindrance.


Home Alone (1990- Available on Netflix)

Alright, so how many of you know that today in 1990, one of the popular movie, ‘Home Alone’ was released in theaters. So you all are thinking that why we are talking about this movie? Well, first of all, if we talk about the best Christmas movies, then Home Alone is the part of those bets Christmas movies and secondly Christmas is about to come. We guess you all know the plot of this story but those who don’t know this film’s story we would like to tell that a little boy named Kevin (11 years old) he accidentally left behind when all members of his family leave for France. At first, he’s glad to be in charge, but when thieves try to break into his hood, he puts up a fight like no other. You should watch this movie. If you’re from Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador, then you can stream the original Home Alone (1990).


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (19920 Available on Netflix)

As we all know the plot of Home Alone that how Kevin messed with those thieves plus became a big trouble for both of them. But this time trouble going to be big because Kevin is not Home Alone, he is alone in the big city of New York and the worse thing is that the Wet Bandits are back in his life. Now, what Kevin will do? To know the whole story you shouldn’t miss this astonishing movie, ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ (1992). All you need to do is just power up your Roku and step ahead to Netflix and catch the wintery adventure of Kevin once again. Well, Roku is an ideal option for your holidays, just run your vision to best Christmas movies and select your favorite one, wait is about to over because next month is the month of Christ. One more thing, if you’re a dweller of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands and Argentina, then you can stream this movie.

So here we have these two amazing movies you shouldn’t miss if you haven’t bought Roku then purchase it today so you can make your holidays memorable as well. By stepping ahead to Roku’s site you can get the info regarding new lineup, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra, to know the functionalities and aspects of these two versions, stay tuned to Roku and if you’re already using this streaming device then regarding any technical obstacle you can visit Roku Com and get the accurate solution with fine direction. For more updates, stay tuned to the official website of Roku and happy streaming.