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Roku users are you ready to enjoy holiday season?

Holiday season is coming, so Roku users are you ready to spend your holidays with some vintage treasure? If yes then add ChristmasFlix to your streaming device.


As we know November is about to start means holidays are near, so yesterday I got some message from the North Pole that soon rain of gifts going to happen, some special guest will arrive in town. Alright, I got this message from elves, they said that Mr Saint Nicholas is preparing for this coming Noel. I know I’m saying it too early but holidays are about to come and people are also getting ready for coming festivals especially for the highlight of the year- The Christmas day. I’m giving a little glimpse of festive mood of Christmas, just a little effort to kindle the enthusiasm of this festival.Now if you’re a Roku user, then you’ll be lucky because you have a huge package of entertainment for your holiday season. If you’re already using this superlative streaming device, and struggling with any technical mess then fix that mess right now by visiting Www roku com link, we don’t want any technical mess to become an obstacle between you and your entertainment.


So as I told that I got a message from the North Pole, means Santa Clause is preparing their gifts, ironing his red glorious dress, checking out his sleigh, you know what suddenly one song comes in my mind, I would like to sing some lines of that song,

“You better watch out, you better not cry

You better not pout, I’m telling you why

Santa Clause is coming to town

Santa Clause is coming to town”

Now we all are aware of this song, so if we’re talking about Christmas then you should run your vision to ChristmasFlix (previously known as Christmas Channel). Now take a glimpse at these content you will get on this channel. If you’re new to Roku and don’t the procedure of adding channel then you can visit ROKU Com for the precise help.

Original Shows/Series:

Stocking Stuffer

If you want to catch the episodes of Christmas Present Stocking Stuffers, then step ahead to ChristmasFlix, basically, in this, you will get the tips regarding organizing and budgeting your Christmas day. Those who want to bake some yummy cookies then you should step forward to Christmas at Home, catch the instructions over here and make your holiday memorable.




Alright, so many of you missing the old and vintage Christmas movies? If you’re one of them who is missing those old movies then ChristmasFlix is an idle option for you. You can enjoy the 1955’s The Miracle on 34th Street, one of my favourite –A Christmas Carol (1910) and Scrooge (1935) both versions are brilliant. And don’t forget the Santa Clause Conquers the Martians (1964). So what are waiting for? Go and bring this channel to your streaming device.

Christmas for Children:


The good about this channel is, this channel holds the vintage treasure if your child wants to watch vintage cartoon animated videos, then you should add this channel. Now here the cartoons your child can enjoy- Santa and the Three Bears (1970), Jack Frost (1934), and Red-Nosed Reindeer (1948). I don’t believe these cartoons are older than my birth year, literally, these cartoons refresh the true vibes of Christmas.

Classic TV:

You can also catch the various classic television series such as Dragnet, The Adventure of Ozzie and Harriet, and The Jack Benny Show. Go and stream these amazing series.



May Christ bless you all, time to know the life story of Jesus Christ. You can enjoy the series of the Living Christ, a 12-part 1951 television drama series, this series depicts the life of Christ plus also a biopic motion picture of Martin Luther.

Pack of Shows and Specials:


How many of you want to enjoy the vintage television specials and segments of shows? If you want to enjoy then you should add this channel to your Roku. You can catch the Christmas Appalachia with Charles Kuralt (1965), The Christmas Carol by Vincent Price (1949) and Your Hit Parade (1965).

So no doubt this channel holds the immense package of entertainment and plus the true treasure of vintage content. For more updates, stay tuned to Roku’s official website.