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Roku Updated Privacy Policy & Inclusion Of Roku Channel To 3rd Party Streaming Devices & Game Consoles

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Roku updates its privacy policy, and with that, the company has decided to provide Roku channel to third-party streaming devices and gaming consoles as well. Are you not aware of this move by Roku? Now that you are, then how about you get all the details of this amazing Roku strategy in the blog post below.

Roku is vying more customers because the company thinks it hasn’t used its products to full potential yet. There is a lot that can be done to rake up new customers, which is why Roku has updated its privacy policy. Along with that, the company has also confirmed that it is going to provide its amazing ‘Roku Channel’ to a number of third-party streaming devices. Not just streaming devices, but Roku channel will be available on game consoles as well. You might be aware of Roku’s move to provide Roku channel to third-party devices, but gaming consoles! This is something that’s happening for the first time.

roku helpThe reason why Roku has updated its privacy policy is due to the stricter privacy laws in Europe. In order to sell its products and services in Europe, Roku had to abide by the European privacy laws, as a result of which, the company has made changes to its own privacy policy. As a part of the update, the company will now provide users with a way to opt-out of personalized advertising on third-party devices.

To make things easier for the users, Roku has also created an opt-out page where it’s written that, ‘Roku is going to display personalized advertisements on non-Roku OTT devices’, which could be set-top boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles and 3rd party media streaming devices. Roku has also sent out an email to all its users that states, ‘We are eagerly waiting for a wide range of distribution opportunities for Roku channel, but nothing in specific can be shared right now’.

On Roku TV and Roku media streaming devices, Roku channel works as an ad-supported Video-On-Demand service. Roku channel provides free, ad-supported access to more than thousand movies and TV shows from famous production companies in the world like Lionsgate, Sony Picture, Warner Bros and MGM. Roku has also mentioned that it is going to add Live news programming to its network, which will be sourced from reputed news channels such as ABC News and other similar networks.

Samsung Smart TVs are already getting Roku channel from the factory, but the move of providing Roku channel to third-party streaming devices such as Tubi TV and Crackle. Not to forget, the company will provide Roku channel to game consoles as well, which is something that hasn’t happened before.

Roku’s move can be considered beneficial for others as well and not just Roku. Other devices that will get Roku channel can provide their users with some excellent content that is available on Roku, whereas, Roku will get more eyeballs on its network. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, Roku, 3rd-party streaming devices, game consoles and customers.

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