Roku set up

Roku Ultra Setup : Step by step instructions

Roku Ultra Setup: Roku Ultra supports 720p HD 1080p full HD, 4k Ultra HD and 4l Ultra HD HDR (high dynamic range) and ships with an enhanced point anywhere remote control that supports voice search remote control that supports voice search, gaming buttons, private listening via a headphone jack on the remote, and remote finder button.

Will Roku Ultra work with my TV?

Roku Ultra will work with any TV with an HDMI connection. However, you will not be able to take the benefit of 4K resolution without a 4K compatible TV or 4k HDR without a 4K HDR compatible TV. A compatible TV is not the only requirement for streaming movies and TV shows in 4k or 4k HDR.

Setting up your Roku Ultra

Follow these steps to setup your Roku Ultra:

  • Download and follow the quick start guide.
  • If necessary, you can also attach your Roku Express by using the adhesive strip.
  • You can visit a support center for further help if you are unable to see Tv from your Roku Ultra, having issues with your remote control, or any other issue.

Roku ultra setup

Going through Guided Setup

Choose a Language

When your Roku Ultra powers on, the first screen that will come will allow you to choose a language. All text and dialog within the Roku application will be displayed in the language selected by you. After doing this scroll up and down the list and press OK for choosing a language. All your channels will be translated in the language selected by you. But there might be the channels that will not be translated in the selected language.

Connect your Roku Ultra to the internet

  • First of all, you will need to select your wireless network from the list of available networks and then enter your password. This will be the same network that you used to connect your smartphone or PC to the internet.
  • If you desired to see the password that you will type, then you can select the option of Show Password. This will help in preventing typing the wrong password.
  • After that select the option of Connect after entering the password. Your Roku ultra will automatically be connected to the network connection.

Wait till Roku Ultra Downloads the Latest Software

When your Roku Ultra will be connected to the network connection automatically it will download the latest version of the Roku OS software and then reboot.

Activate your Roku Ultra after creating a Roku account

  • Your Roku Ultra device must be linked to your Roku account in order to get activated. Your Roku account keeps the track of the channels and devices owned by you and allows you to as free and buy channels from Roku channel Store.
  • After this, the instruction for activating the Roku Ultra will be displayed on your Tv along with an activation code. Then you need to visit the official website Roku website on your computer or smartphone, enter that code, and then follow the instructions on the screen for activating your device.

You are Done

After the completion of all the steps of activation properly, Your Device will be ready to use. Now if you are willing to explore new features of your device then check out our latest blog on Roku ultra review. This will help you to explore your Roku device in depth.