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Roku TV review based on two years of testing

Roku is a great streaming platform but when it comes to operating system and some features it is not the ideal choice.

Roku has been there in the market for a quiet a long time now and gaining popularity and really increased its customer base and we admire Roku’s streaming platform Roku streaming media players.

Here we present you review of Roku TVs based on two years of testing nearly on several Roku TV’s platform including Haier, Hisense, Insignia, Sharp, and TCL. We can say they are some kind of mixed bag like some things are really good but it do lack in couple of things.

So far, top performing brands have not adopted Roku platform like LG and Samsung have their own proprietary systems also Sony and Vizio use the Google Android TV or Google Cast platform. This means we have tested Roku TVs on lesser known brands, these brands are somewhere in the middle or lower ranks.

What we appreciate:

Roku Tv’s are inexpensive as compared to Top Smart TV’s brand plus they are easy to set up once roku link activation code occurs. Moreover, provides onscreen tutorial that shows how to use TV interface and how to operate Roku TV via remote control .This year, the Roku Platform supports 4 K video but for detailed tutorial you can visit roku com.


However, we like everything about Roku platform its content options, an easy-to use interface and universal search capability that favors one content from one service over another is now  built-into the TV.

Moreover, all the devices connected to set such as cable box, Blu-ray player, game console—show up as apps on the home screen. That means you don’t have to remember which inputs those devices are connected to or manually switch between them. You just have to click on the app in the menu and the TV automatically shifts to the appropriate connection.

When you add standalone Roku player to a TV, you can use single remote to control both devices. Though you need a separate one to operate the cable box.

 Things we don’t like:

Operating system is not as good as interface. You need to set up Roku account before you can use the set and roku account setup is provided for the smooth set up. Once you’re logged in TV updates its apps and it is often a lengthy process and it takes a long time. Also when you turn on the TV it direct you to Roku home screen rather than live TV like most sets. Moreover, to watch any program you have to select appropriate app.


It also lacks local dimming and blue –reduction technology and none of the 4K UHD models supports High Dynamic range (HDR) or wider color gamut’s, the latest 4K TV tech.

Moreover, picture setting controls are limited and at par with the entry-level models. Roku remote tutorial is not enough you need learn Roku remote to control various aspects of the TV.

There is no up and down button for selecting the channel instead you have to use

Four-way navigation pad. Plus the volume buttons are located on the side of the remote and not on the front.


If you’re are  looking for quality picture and advanced features in Roku TV, then we would like to tell in this case, TV comes under the mid or low rank.