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Roku TV: Know Its 5 Most Amazing Features

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Roku TV is been on the market since 2015. Since then, it has been continuously attracting customers. It is due to its amazing features which include; Easy navigation to menus, easy installation, huge library list with more than 5 million movies and TV shows in it. This device is easy on your pocket. You can experience Live TV with Roku TV. A 55 inches Roku TV has also got best Tech award from Tom’s guide.

Now, we are going to put light on its 5 most amazing features which you can’t let go. Roku also keeps on updating its OS version so as to provide the best and new features to its users. The file directory also keeps on updating to remove bugs from existing directory.

  • Home screen, a place for entertainment: You can use Roku TV screen in a most useful manner. You can add subscription, pages, content, news, and inputs on the home screen. These menus can be easily opened thereafter. If you want to search for any specific keywords, then you can enter your query in the search field. All the popular channels like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are available on the main screen.
  • Movie nights: If you are fond of watching horror or Hollywood movies at night, then a list of more than hundreds of movies is available on Roku which you can watch for free. You only need Roku account to browse these movies. Popular movies like a Teen Wolf, Terminator, Line of fire and Judgement day are available for streaming. To get a complete list, you can visit Roku support page.
  • App for streaming: Roku has also developed a streaming app for Android and other OS platforms from where you can easily stream movies. Besides this, a private listening feature is available on Roku app through which you can listen to any audio or dialogue from the movie without disturbing your family at night. If you want to cast photos, movies or videos stored on your mobile to the TV screen, then casting feature is given in the mobile app. Click to start casting the content. You can even use your smartphone for playback controls of Roku TV.
  • Pause a live TV: Have you ever tried this feature on Roku TV? If yes, then it’s OK if not, then we will try to make you understand this feature. Pausing a live TV means, you can pause any show or movie broadcasted over the air. If you have connected the antenna to the TV, then you can pause digital content for a maximum period of 90 minutes. You can resume after this. The content will start playing from where you had left it off. To use this feature, you need a minimum of 16 GB flash storage device which can store contents easily.
  • Just speak with Roku TV: If you are fed up with the routine of changing channels with the hands from remote, then your annoyance is over now. You can use your voice to do this. Your voice will change the ongoing channel and can do multiple tasks. If you want to play, pause or increase the volume of content which is being currently played, then simply speak the keywords over the voice remote. A voice remote is available with some of the Roku TV models. If you have recently updated your Roku TV OS, then you can get this feature on the device.

This is all about the 5 most important or amazing features which make Roku TV a smart TV. We would like to hear the name of feature which you liked the most out of above mentioned 5.

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