Roku Troubleshooting

Roku Streaming Stick: The Cheapest Way To Make TV Smart

After the launch of three new streaming boxes during previous year, Roku is back with its new low cost streaming stick. It will cost $50. This new streaming stick is compact and will connect to the HDMI slot of your TV. You can stream videos from online services like Hulu, amazon prime and Netflix.

This upgrade provides supreme speed boost that allows this streaming stick to compete with its recent set-top boxes. It lacks voice search through remote but it compensates this feature with additional app selection available and useful controls via means that if your Roku Remote Not Working then there is no need to worry, you can control your device with the smartphone with mobile app. If you are fed up with speed, app limitations and want a cheapest way to come out of this constrain then it is advised to use a new Roku streaming stick.

A petty device for small apps: App support is major factor to be considered while selecting any streaming device. There is no one in the race with Roku in terms of app support. Roku supports all the primary services from different channels in conjunction with thousands of lesser known sources. All the apps are available for free to download. If Roku Not Working with these app properly then there is need to re-install the app again in your smart phone or any other device.


There are few barriers for entering to some Roku channel store and it has been rectified with the help of templates made by Roku, which enables the basic app to run easily. Sometimes you might have come across with Roku HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled message flashes on your TV screen. It’s all due to the loose HDMI connection at the Receiver or at the Sender’s end. You can resolve this problem by unplugging the HDMI cable from both the ends and reconnect it firmly to the Roku player and TV receiver both after 30 seconds.

There is another app quality constraint in Roku. You don’t get that image quality as you found on the apple TV latest version. If we compare it with PlayStation Vue, there is no available channel guide and ability to watch and browse simultaneously option seen in the PlayStation Vue. You can do one task at a time in this device. You may get HDCP Unauthorized Roku on your screen if your HDMI cable is defective. The solution to this problem is to replace with new HDMI cable

Roku Error 014      roku_2_xs_teardown_035

To setup your Roku device you need a wireless internet connection. If you are not able to connect to the internet properly then your purple screen will show Roku Error Code 014 message on it. To get out of it, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Connect your Roku with router using Ethernet cable.
  • Complete all the basic setup for an Ethernet in device setting.
  • While your connection is active, choose wireless connection option from internet settings.
  • Choose your network after selecting the wireless option.
  • Enter the required credentials.
  • You will now able to connect to the internet.

No frills remote: There is one thing which seems to have compromised with streaming stick. This is headphone jack for listening privately. Moreover there is no voice recognition feature in it, with which you can search across streaming services.

Roku stick remote is somewhat better than set-top box remote. Its thinner and rubber buttons makes it more comfortable to hold in your hand. The ‘ok’ button is now moved to the center of directional pad.

Ahead of app grid: Roku has recently started indexing complicated app like shout and Snag films however it still faces constant problems like inaccurate rental price and availability. You cannot search by genre in Roku as this feature is available in 4th generation Apple TV.

But then, the new Roku Streaming Stick succeeds on such a variety of fronts that it puts forth a solid defense for spending less.