Roku still on top among various streaming players

Roku has ruled out its competitors like Apple, Amazon by bagging the top spot and by accounting 30%marketplace.

Apple is trying every way out to make its set-top box the best streaming device that is available in the market including the integration of TV guide. Still, Roku is ruling the charts when it comes to the streaming media players.

Apple Tv

According to the research from Park Associated which was carried in May, Roku left all the competitors behind in sales from first quarter 2015 to first quarter 2016 by accounting 30% marketplace. Apple and Alphabet shared second place with 22% of market share and Apple TV claimed 20%.

Have you ever wondered that how can a privately owned company like Roku do so well? Well, it could be due to the simplicity of its products. Roku set- top box has been the simplest way to stream entertainment and is widely appreciated by its customers as this steaming player is easy to use.

Roku offers a set-top box and a streaming stick which serves the same function i.e streaming. But they differ in size and compatibility. As, boxes can connect to Ethernet whereas, streaming sticks can only connect to Wi-Fi. Cord-cutting consumers are increasing day by day and streaming content is gaining popularity among the people.

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So, how Roku started up, it was founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood who previously launched the DVR brand ReplayTV. The company drives most of its revenue from selling its streaming devices such as set-top boxes and streaming sticks. It also drives revenue from Roku TVs.

The company has yet to make IPO and Wood said that he would not talk about plans to go public. If and when Roku does make IPO then its stock price won’t shoot up like Apple or Google who are the technical giants of today.

However, Roku has a great presence in the market so it doesn’t need to unite in order to do well in the market. Roku is the streaming media devices leader and company have driven it’s all focus on its main product and working seamlessly to making it better day by day.

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