Roku still fights against the order for a ban on its sale in Mexico.

Roku salesman

Roku still needs to fight for its sustenance in Mexican market in spite of winning the case against its ban last week. It is because the court has now denied to its appeal and again asked for its prohibition.

Mexico FlagThe orders of Mexican court stands still to ban the import and export of Roku media player boxes due to some piracy concerns. So the retailer will again have to seal their stores along with closing all the other small outlets and online sites used for selling of Roku boxes. Recently on June 29th, the Roku was successful in convincing the Judge to remove the ban by presenting few legal statements against the ban. So at that time, the court suspended this prohibition orders for more investigations to get to the final decision, and now it is back with its decision and wants all the retailer to remove the Roku from the list of selling media players on their shop. This time court has denied the appeal of suspension by a company belonging to California.

In spite of this updated order from the court, many shopkeepers are continuing to sell the Roku boxes. They don’t accept doing this as an illegal activity, and they think it as a defensive action against the orders of the court. Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool, Best Buy, and Amazon are some of those retailers who have still not stopped the selling of Roku Boxes.

Earlier there was no official statement given by the company, but this time many explanations are being provided by Roku against this ban. The Company says that the hackers are not altering the Content they are just providing the users with an unauthorized way to view their content. They showcase the proposal to watch the content by presenting the deals on some favorite web pages and through Whatsapp. Thus these are the two platforms they are using to exploit the Roku boxes so the people should be aware so that they could not become the part of this fake promotion. The most targeted channels in this piracy are HBO, Cartoon Network, Fox and Playboy T.V.

In spite of this ban, Roku is still trying to overcome this situation to maintain its stability in Mexico. It is continuously looking for a right opportunity to change this order of the Mexican court. The Staff of the company says that this statement from the court is not only exploiting its legal rights but is also violating the rules of NAFTA.

There was an official statement given by the company which made this clear that this ban affects them a lot. The Company gave three  official statements on it, first one was :“At Roku, we consider that the Mexico City Civil Court order that is currently limiting the sale of our devices to Mexican consumers is a clear violation of Roku’s legal rights provided for in the Constitution and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA),” the second one was: “Roku devices can still legally be sold in some stores in Mexico [and] the use of Roku products has been and will continue to be legal in Mexico.” And the third one was: “Prohibiting the sale of Roku devices will not stop this activity from spreading through [other] devices connected to the internet.”

Hence the Roku is right that this ban is not the solution to end this piracy and thus court might need to change its decision. Prohibiting the Roku will not only affect the company but also have a large impact on all its users in Mexico. So keep waiting for further updates related to a modification in Mexican Court’s order.