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Roku Seems To Be One Of Leading Streaming Devices Until Now.

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The media companies report that Roku has become the most popular streaming devices till now. It is now leading all of its competitors and gaining more popularity as compared to them.

People not only look out for the Streaming devices which deliver the best service with the best content but in fact, they prefer the one that is compatible with their media devices. Roku provides the best service and is compatible with almost all of the media player devices. So people opt out for purchasing the Roku without worrying about its compatibility with their T.V. Also it is the cheapest way to stream all the television and Live TV content. Thus, Roku is gaining popularity day by day and seems to be Leading all of its competitors.

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According to the new report created by media companies, it is stated that Roku has become a cord cutter for all cable companies. Most of the population has switched to Roku and are now not using the connections from cable companies to watch television. They find it easy and cheaper to stream all that content using Roku. Online marketer figures show up a rounded number for Roku’s monthly users. It estimates around 38.9 million American users use Roku for streaming their shows and movies. Whereas the others like Chomecast has 36.9 million users, Fire T.V has 35.8 million users per month, and Apple TV has a customer base of 21.3 million per month. So these numbers justify that Roku is the leading one at this time. Apple TV is left behind all as it doesn’t contain a variety of content with no support Amazon videos and shows. Apple TV has much higher price tags than all of its competitors, so this might also be the reason that people don’t opt for it. Due to increasing use of Roku, the demand of smart TV’s has also increased. Companies estimate that there is an increase of around 10.1 percent as compared to the year 2016.

The eMarketer’s Principal video analyst, Paul Verna stated that Roku has become popular because it is ‘free agent’ for streaming. Paul Verna gave an official statement: “As the only major market participant not affiliated with content or TV device platform, Roku has used its neutrality to strike deals with a broad range of partners, including smart TV makers, OTT service providers, and social media companies. That expansive strategy, combined with the company’s broad selection of connectivity devices at various price points, has put Roku at the head of the pack.”

It is being reported that 23% of US might become a part of the customer base for Roku. If Roku keeps gaining the popularity in such a steady trend, then Roku user base might double by the end of upcoming 2021. It might have 69 million users within a couple of next years.

This time Chromecast is the nearest competitor of Roku so it can be expected that Roku might bring more improvements in its present technology and bring new features to give a tough competition to Chromecast. Roku would never let another competitor take over its position in the market and is thus working hard to look forward in the areas it could work to bring something new.

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