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Roku Screen Mirroring Is Still In Beta Mode

The question whether Roku screen mirroring is ready or not is still debatable. Though, the company has not told anyone as to when this feature would be available, therefore it is still assumed that there is time before this feature moves from beta mode to a full-fledge mode.

Streaming boxes are things of the past. Viewing Netflix on your TV is nice, however, it is even nicer to get items mirrored from your smartphone or PC screen to your TV is even nicer. Roku devices are the latest gadgets to get this component, however, don’t run out and get one only for this ability — at any rate, not yet.


I checked out Roku Streaming Stick to experiment with its very new screen mirroring functionality for Android and Windows devices, and computers. Still a beta component, the screen mirroring in Roku makes use of Miracast/WiDi innovation, which has had a bad reputation every single time I’ve attempted it. This application was no special case.

It is quite simple to set up Roku screen mirroring: You just have to ensure your Roku Stick is equipped with the latest software update. Then, actuate screen mirroring on your cell phone or PC. Android gadgets require at any rate, from 4.2 or higher, while Windows smartphones require Windows 8 and PCs require Windows 8.1. Find more information about it only at www Roku com link, which is also the official website of the company.


As far as I can tell, Roku’s screen mirroring begin with a bang, but it fizzled out quickly. I began with Google Nexus 10 tablet, which had a perfect execution for checking web-based social networking, playing games and recording videos. The Samsung Galaxy S5 worked entirely well, in spite of the fact that the shading temperature straightened out itself always when I attempted to watch a TV show on Netflix.

I attempted a second Roku Streaming Stick to check whether I could repeat my outcomes, however, this gadget would not associate with any of the four gadgets. In the wake of reaching Roku, I got a provoke reaction and discovered that the organization is building up a fix for the solidifying bug, which will take off to all clients once it’s finished. Roku com is finding ways to get rid of the bugs and errors that are present in screen mirroring before they could finally unveil the feature at the product’s launch. The date of the launch has therefore not been revealed yet.


Remember that as the component is still in beta, issues like these are neither sudden nor, no doubt, changeless. Roku has not yet declared when the element will get a full discharge. For the time being, whether you have a Roku Streaming Stick or Roku 3, you should experiment with screen mirroring, particularly in the event that you have a Nexus gadget. In case you’re wandering in the market especially to purchase another screen-mirroring gadget, however, it will be better if there will be a use of the MS Wireless Display Adapter. But, the final verdict would be given by Roku com link, so I guess, everybody will have to pay attention to what the company has to say about all this. It will be an outstanding achievement for the company if they successfully create the mirroring feature.

Many companies have tried to do the same, but they were not able to create a perfect screen mirroring feature, but Roku has done great things in the past, and people know that they can do it in the future as well. There is no doubt upon the fact that screen mirroring is an important part of streaming boxes, and Roku link has pointed out this feature and incorporated into its devices.