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Roku offers 4K and HDR to their users

We no need to tell that, Roku offers 4K quality to their users. If you’re already using this ideal device then we no need to tell about the vivid quality, you guys are firm evidence of content’s quality. For more information you can step ahead to Roku’s official website or can get in touch with professionals.

These days you can’t place pace into the television section at a retail store without seeing huge, fascinating TVs that grasp 4K Ultra High Definition) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) display technologies. And in case you skipped our current news, Roku just began shipping latest streaming players that support 4K UHD (known as 4K for short) and HDR. 4K Roku TVs launched before this year as well. To help you perfectly comprehend what this means for the zone of streaming, here are a few responses to some usual 4K and HDR questions. For any kind of assistance and support you can take Roku help from the experts.

What is 4K?


4K Ultra HD offers you a good viewing experience by enlarging the pixel resolution – it’s four times that of HD! That’s a whopping 2,160 x 3,840 pixels compared to just 1,080 x 1,920 for a full high definition display. The result is excellent quality of picture that dips you in the action with crisp, detailed pictures that practically hop off the screen. Keep in brain that in order to bring 4K content to your vision, it requires a suitable 4K TV.

Roku tip:

As you shop for latest televisions, keep that in mind that your 4K UHD experience will be much superior if you select products that support 60 frames per second (fps). The Roku Premiere+, Roko Premiere, Roku Ultra and 4K Roku TV versions all support 4K up to 60 fps and vivid motion no matter berserk the car chase or drawn-out the speedy replay.

What streaming content is available in 4K?


Huge-budget motion pictures (and an expanding number of television series/series) are being filmed in 4K, and several streaming services, like Amazon video and Netflix are already providing 4K Ultra HD digital content and are swiftly making their libraries. Today television shows like Marco Polo, Bloodline, House of Cards and Transparent you can watch these famous series in 4K. Original content aside, you can also look forward to re-experiencing some of your desirable motion pictures in glorious, new detail as they become “Mastered in 4K.”

We make it easy to find 4K content*


There are two paths to find 4K with your Roku streaming player or Roku television. First, the Roku Channel Store grips a 4K UHD category that now provides 15 streaming video services like PLEX, UltraFlix, Netflix and YouTube Netflix. Even rapid is the 4K Ultra HD Spotlight channel which offers immediate access to a curated selection of 4K entertainment from a range of streaming services in one podium, assisting you discover 4K content in a few clicks of the remote.

*4K content isn’t available on all channels and you may need to pay. Check with channel provider for bandwidth requirements.

What is HDR?

If 4K is about pixel’s number, then HDR is about the quality of those pixels. HDR displays a greater range of colors with good contrast to create more authentic, interesting, and factual-to-life imagery. It delivers rich, actual color detail—even in the darkest shadows and eye catching highlights. Like 4K, HDR also needs a suitable HDR television to watch HDR content. Roku devices presenting HDR playback support the HDR-10 standard.

One more Roku tip:

Not all HDMI links ports on televisions support 4K and HDR. Look for ports that are tagged with HDCP 2.2 for 4K quality and HDMI 2.0a for HDR support.

What streaming content is available in HDR?

Like 4K, an expanding number of motion pictures and television series are being provided in HDR**. Netflix and Fandango NOW are already providing latest releases like The Ridiculous, Marco Polo, The Do Over and Jason Bourne in HDR. The 4K Spotlight channel grasps an HDR row as well that assist you get to HDR content swiftly.


**HDR content on Netflix, Fandango Now, and other channels needs paid subscription or rental or purchase. Check with the HDR channel supplier for particular bandwidth requirements to access its HDR content. High Speed HDMI® Cable is must. You can browse to Roku Com in case you’re looking for some suitable support.

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