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Roku Not Streaming Content Properly? Check Your Wireless Internet Connection

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Roku media streaming player is only going to work if there is a properly working internet connection available in the house. Today, we will be discussing the process of improving wireless connection that provides internet signal to Roku device.

Roku can stream any digital content if the internet connection is working properly. There are two types of internet connections, which can be used to stream digital content, one is a wired connection and another is a wireless connection. Both types of connections work fine with Roku, but most people prefer the wireless connection because it is not easy to work with cables and wires. If you too use a wireless internet connection to stream your favorite digital content from Roku, then you must have felt the need of improving the internet connection at times. Today, we will be discussing the process of how to improve wireless signal in the Roku device so that the digital content can be played seamlessly on TV.

Check The Wireless Signal Strength:

You will get the information regarding the strength and quality of the wireless signal on Roku itself. For that, you will have to follow below-mentioned steps.

  1. On your Roku device, go to ‘settings’ followed by ‘network’.
  2. If you find out that the Roku streaming player is not connected to the internet network, then select the option named ‘set up a new wireless connection’. Get in touch with your ISP to set up the internet connection.
  3. Once connected to the wireless connection, you will be able to see the signal strength. The strength will be marked as one of these: bad, fair, good or excellent.

If you find the signal strength to be in the good or excellent range, yet the problem of internet connection or video playback exists, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Check if there is anything interfering with the wireless connection. There could be a number of devices such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other devices can easily interfere with the wireless signal.
  2. You have to check if the ISP is working in the right way or not. You will not be able to access the internet if the problem is occurring on the ISP side.
  3. If you have other devices connected to the same internet network, then you will have to disconnect all those devices. This will make streaming from Roku device a lot better.

If the current location of the router and Roku player is problematic, then you should try moving both devices to a new location. Select a location that is spacious and does not have any device installed to interfere with the router or Roku device. Moreover, there should be a clear line of sight between the router and Roku media player.

If the signal doesn’t improve after trying all the steps, then you can follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. You can get a new router with a better signal strength.
  2. You can buy a wireless range extender if the current device is incapable of providing an optimum signal strength.
  3. If possible, you can connect your Roku device to the Ethernet cable, but then this will become a wired connection.
  4. If you have an additional TV, which is placed closer to the router, then you can connect your Roku player to that television.

You should also check whether your Roku device is working fine or has become faulty. If it is faulty, then you should get in touch with an expert to get it fixed.

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