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Roku introduces two new channels the Rolling stone and Us weekly through Roku Direct Publisher

Roku is an astounding platform to stream your favorite content and it offers plethora of channels but if you are looking for some new channel then you will be soon getting it as through Roku Direct Publishing tool as content developer will be able to get their video channel on Roku. Recently, two channels have joined Roku these are the Rolling Stone and Us Weekly through this platform.

Roku has recently introduced its new lineup which features streaming media players which supports 4 K content. Roku Direct Publisher feature let content owners deliver their video content material to Roku platform without jotting down any code. With Roku Direct Publisher feature video creators just have to follow simple steps to make up to Roku by presenting a video feed.

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Already two channels Rolling Stone and Us Weekly have made it to Roku platform and are available for free in U.S. In addition to these other channels include Comedy Dynamics, Cracked, Mashable, Super  Delux, XLTV etc. Learn more about this Roku Publisher Tool by visiting roku official website or head to Roku com for getting more information.

Roku customers can access latest videos, politics, TV, movies etc on the Rolling Stone channel. It also features exclusive video series such as Fan Theory Exploder which features stars of New Girl, Blindspot, Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

However, on the Us Weekly channel you will get the latest entertainment news, style, lifestyle and beauty tips. It can also stream US Weekly interviews with features hot starts and you also get access to the red carpet events.

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You can find the Rolling Stone and the Us Weekly in the “New” category which is available on Roku Channel store.

Apart, from this amazing platform ,Roku is also providing publishers with new monetising features and giving them option that Roku will handle all videos and sales. Roku started building its audience base in 2014 and now have become one of the largest and most effective platform in the streaming market.

roku-tv-with-streaming-stickAccording to the Freewheel Q2 2016 more than 30% streaming ads flow through Roku platform. So the publishers those use Roku Audience Network receives 60% of net videos and revenues. This platform is ideal for publishers who don’t have a sales team and who need help in monetizing their channel.

If your Roku device is giving you some trouble then www roku com support a support given by Roku professionals can get you out any technical glitch.