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Roku Introduced A New Free Streaming Channel.

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Hearing a lot of demand for increased free streaming content, Roku came up to a decision to launch a free streaming channel. It recently introduced a free channel named “The Roku channel.”

Roku is one of the most famous streaming devices that are proven best for providing the best online streaming through multiple subscribed channels like Netflix, Youtube, Stream pix and many other Channels. But earlier the thing was that many of the streaming channels were paid, and the users have to pay the subscription amount for streaming the content from it. Whereas, many free channels were also available for which users need not pay any particular amount. Roku said that it found people demanding for more free content to be available for streaming. So Roku was planning to get this to their users to bring up their viewing experience.

So coming to a decision, Roku has introduced new channels that are owned by its own. This channel will be available for free and is named as “The Roku Channel.”

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This Channel is capable of streaming a huge variety of streaming content including more than thousands of movies and shows. The access type for all this content is defined as free. This channel can be used for enjoying content on all the streaming platforms with different operating systems and many supported applications.

Roku’s programming Vice President Mr. Rob Holmes gave an official statement: “We created “The Roku Channel” as a direct reply to our user’s demand — we heard that many of our customers’ requests for an increase in free content for streaming. So we thought of making it easier for them to access the free and ad-supported content on their Roku boxes. He also said that “It working and quality is quite similar to 4K Spotlight. We created it like 4K Spotlight so that our customers could easily identify the amazing 4K content.”

Earlier it was highlighted that Netflix was feeding Roku with its content so this time Roku created its own channel to avoid this kind of homers and fake profile. It was that if ever the Roku was owned by Netflix, then the other OTT brands would not show up interest in buying the Roku boxes and the Netflix might get into benefit from it. So by working without self-owned dedicated channel, Roku started to serve as a neutral platform for all OTT level of services like Amazon, HBO and much more. This neutral factor made Roku the OTT box along with holding the biggest share in the present market.

The channel is introduced by including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount as the partners. All these partners will feature films like The Karate Kid, Up in the Air, Ali, Legally Blonde, and much more. It will result in a tough competition between Roku and other competitive OTT channels for which Roku has been acting as the host to air their channels through their streaming boxes.

Mr. Holmes said that “We found The Roku Channel as a way to guide our content publishers in making their content more appealing. The fundamental goal is to guide content publishers in driving the viewership of their content using Roku’s platform and boost up the numbers for millions of presently active accounts on Roku.”

So this was a short review about this new free Roku streaming channel for more update stay tuned to rest other up coming updates on it.

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