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Roku Integrated Into 40-Inch TCL Smart TV Is All You Need!

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Whether you are a cord cutter or a cable subscriber, a smart TV can elevate your viewing experience. Smart TVs are not the devices of the future anymore; these are in fact what most people are using today. Features that smart TVs can offer to users can’t be obtained from a normal cable TV subscription, which is, in fact, the reason that people are switching from cable subscriptions to smart counterparts.

If you are already using cord-cutting services like HBO GO, HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu and more, then Roku devices should be your ideal choice for smart TV. But, there is no need to buy these two separately. You can buy a 40-inch TCL smart TV that comes with built-in Roku. This TV is getting very popular because of its cheap price and myriad of features. 40-inch TCL smart TV comes at a nominal price of $229.99, which is a lot cheaper given the number of features it has in the offing for users.

Talking more about the features of this TV, then you will be mesmerized to see how much this TV has got. It supports a number of streaming services, which can be accessed from the main menu itself. The main menu of the TV is very easy to navigate and has got everything that you need in the first place. If you don’t have any experience in using a smart TV, even then, you can easily find the content of your choice.

You will find a number of streaming devices with overcomplicated or under-featured remotes, but not this smart TV. TCL smart TV is quite intuitive and easy-to-use, so you will not find any sort of difficulty accessing its features. If you don’t like the features, then you can connect your smartphone and streamline the data that is present on your smartphone. It is quite easy to search for apps and titles on this TV. If you wish to connect to the internet with this TV, then that is also quite easily possible. Connect to the internet and find all the content that you wish to see along with the ability to access over-the-air channels. If you want, you can loop in with your cable subscription as well.

Personally, I really like this TV because I’m a cord cutter myself, and seeing the features of this TV, I don’t think if there is any other device that can compete with it. In terms of streaming services, there is none other as good as Roku. It is packed with features, quite convenience to use and hardly goes down. So, when the best streaming service integrates with a TV brand, it catapults that brand to the top of the table. TCL TV supports 1080p and not 4K, but I think that is Ok. HDR is also absent from the TV, but what can you expect at a price of $229.99, so you need to stay content with what you are getting at such a nominal price.

Final Verdict:

Roku is among those streaming boxes that we rate the highest. You can buy that 40-inch TCL TV and boost your TV viewing experience like never before.

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