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Roku Has Launched A New Ad-Based Streaming Channel On Its Own

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Roku always keep on expanding its business in one way or another. In a recent update, Roku has released a new Ad-based streaming channel from its own platform. This will provide an access to thousands of movie titles which includes Fandor, FilmRise, and Popcorn etc.

The newly organized offering named Roku Channel will be accessible from all the Roku players irrespective of the model number. If you have Roku TV or stick, then start accessing the new channel without any issue. There is no need to login to the account to stream the new channel.

This new channel comprises of ad-based VOD apps and services which are offered on Roku platform earlier. This type of channel was organized earlier also by the Roku team in late 2015. This new channel mainly focuses on 4K quality content. You will be able to stream 4K content from 4k capable device. Roku 4 support this streaming.

Roku is launching this channel with the view to enhance the activity in the field of free content. According to Rob Holmes, Vice president at Roku Company, the users already have strong devotion and dream for ad-supported content. Though other companies are already providing this type of channel we had planned to provide this service for free. This was the major step that resulted in our growth.

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How much business Roku does in the future depends a lot on the revenue it generates from the ad-based videos. In a recent statement issued by the company, it stated that the majority of hours streamed from Roku platform was channeled through subscribed video-on-demand content. He also said that the real monetary benefits can only be generated if all the users start streaming content through the ad-supported channel. This will increase the profitability of the company.

The VP of the Roku Company said that they are focusing on settings a benchmark in order to get best from Ad-based content. For this, they have allotted a time limit for every ad and also set a frequency of each ad. The ad should not be more than the time period which is broadcasted on convention TV these days. This new platform will allow the users to easily access free content on their device. They don’t require any assistance to watch the content on this platform. Simply download the ad-based app and start streaming videos from it.

All the Roku partners can make most out of this opportunity by publishing their content on front and center. This will increase the sales profit for new channels.

The major publishing partners of Roku channel include Vidmark, Nosey, YuYu, American classics and many more. Apart from this, this platform will feature titles from different popular studios like Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Lionsgate. It also includes a film like Karate Kid, Legally Blonde. You will find other genres even on this new channel lineup. It already includes more than 5000 streaming channels. Among the top free channels, it includes CBS News, PBS kids, Pandora, Pluto TV, YouTube, Newsy, Fox News and TuBi TV.

For more information related to new Roku channel and its upcoming strategies, be in touch with official Roku website.

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