Roku Feed has become the best feature you’re not using

Roku has improved its watch list by the introducing Roku feed feature lately, though many apps don’t support it.

You are all set to stream your video but not able to track your desired video or show because of different services. It annoys you and creates a block in your streaming process. If cable box DVR organize shows rather than the channel then Individual don’t have to browse through check Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, and other apps for new episodes or any specific show.

From the past year, Roku was working on to find some solution for its set-top boxes, sticks, and smart TVs. After sometimes feature appeared in the main menu like “My Feed”. This feature lets you follow your favorite shows and you get notified when a streaming service adds any new show or episodes. Using this feature you can track movies, directors, actors and it also notifies you when price drop down for any rental or purchase.

It is launched in 2015 but Roku feed wasn’t so popular among the users since then. But Roku has improved and made it easier to browse your favorites. Roku has brought many new streaming services on board. So, if you owe Roku device then it’s time to explore this “My feed” feature right now.

How it works:


You can find Roku feed under the main Home screen under the heading “My feed”. Scroll down and you will see three categories of videos like:

  • “Movies “this provides the list of films available for purchase, rental or subscription.
  • “TV Shows” provides a list of all the popular programs
  • “Movie coming soon”, this includes the movie that hasn’t arrived on streaming service but is expect to come shortly. It also shows films those are still in the theatre.

If you need any help in mastering the functionality of Roku Feed support is provided at Www roku com support.

How to add a video:

If you want to add videos in Roku feed just click on a movie or TV show from any of the above-mentioned menu and then select “Follow on Roku”. The item will be entered in My feed and you’ll get notified about the new episodes that are coming and as well as price drops and new arrivals.

Movie or a specific show could be added using Roku’s search function. This works for actors and directors as well.

Which streaming services does Roku Feed support?


Roku said that if any app supports universal search then it will support Roku Feed. But some of the streaming providers such as Netflix doesn’t offer Roku Feed, as they don’t want people to spend much time outside their own apps.

Roku further commented that they want to encourage partners to participate in Search and Roku feed and they are adding to the breadth which available there all the time.

Also, HBO supports Roku Feed with its cable-authenticated HBO Go app, but not with its standalone HBO Now app. While Viacom has granted its support in its Comedy Central and VH1 apps and has extended its capability to MTV.

Further, Roku feeds only delivers updates from the apps that you’ve already installed. But there should be some way for users to find are they missing any crucial app.

There are nearly 40 apps that support Roku Feed currently which is nearly double the number from the last fall and to know more about the apps that support Roku Feed head towards roku com.

What’s next for Roku Feed?


In future Roku should improve the quality of its feed results. For instance, Roku fails to list the latest episode of a show or doesn’t get rental prices right. It lacks Netflix support is one of the shortcomings as people won’t be able to know about recent films those are available without having to buy or rent.

Here are some big picture ideas for Roku Feed:

New sorting option: Roku needs to improve its sorting options. It would be nice if Roku could sort their feeds in a pattern such as genres or alphabetical order.

Unwatched List: As Roku feed notifies when new show or episodes arrive. But it should keep records of which episode have been seen and should provide “unwatched episodes “as a sorting option.

Live TV: Roku Feed could be a prime location to advertise live events, including TV shows.

Moreover, as many options Roku will give its users to check their feed, the more attractive this feature will become. It will then become an important part of the interface .Roku is working on its feed feature to make to stay ahead of its rivals.