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Roku developers can follow these steps for device setup

Being a user of Roku, you can follow the given directions in hwicb you see the important steps of ‘Developer Mode’ set up procedure with your Roku.

The first place to creating channels on the platform of Roku is setting up a development environment. In this guide, we will cover the essential steps of setting up “developer mode” using any device of Roku.



  1. Developer Mode” is the option you need to Setup your Roku
  2. Accessing the Development Application Installer

Requirements to follow this guide:


1. Setup the Roku Device in “Developer Mode”

Fill the following sequence with the help of Roku remote

Note: This secret code makes the Developer Application Installer, which allows you to test channel applications directly on your Roku device.

Chase the steps given in the following Developer Settings sign up flow:


Once you give a start this process, the dialog will prompt you to re-start so you can continue to the procedure.

Note: Don’t forget to save the URL of Roku device.

After giving permission to installer, you need to review and terminate the SDK License


Agreement: Review the full text here-

The given prompt will ask to set a password for your Roku device:


This ensures your device is safe on your local area network.

This will finish the directions for permitting Developer mode, now continue to the next section for application loading on the device.

2. Entering the Development Application Installer


Open up a web browser after rebooting process, now put URL of your Roku device (i.e. http://192.168.x.x)

Once the page unlocks successfully, you have successfully fastened to your Roku device in ‘Developer Mode’.

Next Steps

After the configuring and allowing Developer Mode now you need to make a sample application.


‘Hello World’ Guide offers a sample application (downloadable) for developing on the Roku platform.

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