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Roku Channel Offering FREE Live News Service In The New Update

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Roku Channel is perhaps the best app that users can ask for in terms of entertainment. Roku, in order to get more eyeballs onto its Roku channel, has unveiled an update for the channel. If you are using Roku channel, then you can update it to version 8.1 in order to watch the live news. Let us dive into the details of this new update and the addition of live news into the app.

Roku has announced that it is going to bring a new update for its popular Roku channel, which will allow people to watch live news from popular news channels like ABC news, Newsy, and Cheddar free of cost. The new Roku channel version is v8.1, and this update offers a lot more than just watching the live news.

The Vice-President of Programming at Roku has given a statement in which he said, “We have created the Roku channel in a way that users can easily go through the options that they like. Roku channel has an abundance of content that brings real value to Roku customers. He further goes on to said that Roku has joined hands with some of the top news organizations in the US today such as ABC News, Cheddar, Newsy and People TV to cater to the needs of the users.”

This new update is also going to pave the way for a new feature, i.e., ‘Live & Linear News’ into the Roku Channel, which was highly demanded by many Roku customers. The company is in association with ABC News, which produces and delivers the best live news for OTT viewing. This is the reason that Roku is so excited to have a company like ABC News onboard. It is going to be a win-win situation for both companies.

It is not just the live news that will be there on Roku channel, but a number of other features as well. Every feature is available free of cost, so there is no need to think much whether or not to update the app. Roku has always tried to add features that are requested by its customers, and this addition of Live News is one of those instances.

There is no denying the fact that people want to watch live news on their streaming devices. People don’t want to switch between cable TV and media streaming devices in order to watch different content, which is why Roku channel has now been incorporated with Live news feature.

Vice-President of ABC News, Colby Smith has given a statement in which he said, “The company is experimenting with multiple live streams and analyzing different data. After going through all the information, we have created a news service that we believe is going to be liked by younger viewers, especially those relying on Roku and other non-linear services to watch news of their choice.

Statements were also made by the VP of Business Development at Cheddar, Mr. Daniel Schneider in which he said, “Roku is a platform that is innovating with every passing day. The company has added live news facility to its Roku channel, which is definitely going to entice new users to the platform. The demand for live news is on the rise, and if a platform like Roku can provide such a service, then that’s great. We at Cheddar are excited to be a part of this news revolution, and we hope it will be for the good of customers.

If you want to watch live news on Roku, then you can get this update. For more information, you can get in touch with Roku Help and support providers.

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