Roku Tips

Are you willing to buy new or replace your current Roku player?

Many companies are manufacturing streaming media players these days. Roku is also among them and is the only one, which has released more than a dozen of streaming players over the last 7 years. If you are also using any of the Roku models at home, then you might be feeling satisfied with its performance. Is there any need to replace old Roku player? Here is the guide for you

Compare Roku Players

  1. Do you want latest apps: If you have purchased a Roku model before 2010, then you won’t be able to update your apps and its firmware because this option is not accessible from the Roku players released before 2010. So, if you really want to get updates for your favorite channels like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO, then you need to replace your old Roku box. The list of all the models missing out this update function is available on Roku com link.
  2. Do you want universal search and watch list: Classic Roku models also lacks in new features like universal search and watch list through which you can easily keep records of your upcoming programs and movies on your favorite channel list. All the Roku players released after 2010 are packed with this feature. Those missing out include Roku SD, Roku N1000, Roku HD and Roku XDS. More information is available on www Roku com link. You can check your model compatibility with this feature from this official page.
  3. Do you have multiple Netflix accounts: Most of the Roku models released before 2012 are using an outdated version of Netflix that doesn’t support Netflix profiles. This means that you can’t create a separate profile for kids. This function is only possible in the models released after 2012. Devoted Netflix users may want to use the upgraded app because it saves their time by removing out irrelevant contents from their browsing section.
  4. Have you purchased a new smart TV: There are some Roku models that don’t support Full HD video on their platform. They are limited to 480 or 720 p standard definition only. So if you want to enjoy full HD video on your smart TV, then you have to have a Roku player that support full HD playback. Nowadays, 4K videos are also on the rise, so the player must support this resolution if you want to watch such a high-quality All the models that are missing out this feature and the one that supports this feature are available on Roku support link. the major models missing out the full HD feature includes Roku 4, Roku HD, Roku ultra and Roku premiere plus.
  5. Does your remote feel sticky: Earlier and some current remotes use IR technology instead of radio frequency to communicate with the receiver. The main limitation of this remote is that it requires line of sight communication, which sometimes is not possible due to some hindrance in between.
  6. Do you want to listen to music privately: One of the amazing feature provided by Roku to its users is the ability to listen audio through headphones by connecting with remote or with a smartphone. With this, you can easily watch movies at night without disturbing your family members with loud audio level. If your Roku remote not working, then you can connect the headphones with the mobile that has Roku app installed within it.

List of models missing out the private listening features is available on Roku com link. Roku models missing out private listening through smartphones include; all models except Roku streaming stick, Roku premiere+ and ultra.