Roku Troubleshooting

People love the Roku’s purple layout but not purple screen

Users can easily get the troubleshooting steps from the world of internet to solve some technical mess in their Roku player, but in case they’re unable to fix that problem then need to get in touch with Roku experts. So here we’ve got some troubleshooting steps as well for the purple screen issues.

As we all are well familiar with this ideal streaming device, gaining popularity among US citizens. This player not only brought various features for users but few technical mess as well, as we know each and every gadget have their own pros and cons and but they won’t create any annoying situation for us but we want to see them perfect without any error. People just love the theme color of Roku i.e. purple but they don’t like the purple screen issue. First of all this very common error in the Roku device, and it holds the accurate solution. Below we’ve some troubleshooting steps, which will lead you to the solution and precise assistance.

When you screens say Hdcp Unauthorized Roku, it means you’re struggling with that purple screen issue. First, we’ll let you know the reason behind this trouble, there will be two reasons either you’re using loose HDMI connector or bad HDMI cord. There are various issues with Roku as well, like if in purple issue your HDMI is connector is loose then on another hand users also struggling with Roku Error Code 014, which tells that Roku cannot connect to your wireless network. So it’s compulsory to check your connections while setting up your Roku. Now back that purple screen issue and how to fix that.

Troubleshooting steps:

roku HDMI Connectors

You need to unplug the each end of the HDMI connectors (from Roku player and television)

For approx. 30 seconds unplug power from Roku player and TV both

Now connect the both HDMI’s ends cord and push them firmly.

Now plug in the TV and your Roku player

Now power on your set and check, now still you’re seeing the purple screen

If above-mentioned steps won’t made any change, then try a different HDMI cable. (Make sure the cable you’re using currently should be defect free).


If this first happening to you that you’re facing such technical mess of purple screen than your television or receiver may not support HDCP over HDMI. Often people who have old television models face this problem because those models don’t follow the current standards. If you’re unable to solve the problem then get in touch with the Roku professionals for the accurate support. Not only this, if you’re facing some other kind of technical error like Roku Remote Not Working, which also a common issue among Roku users then you should contact the Roku technicians.