Now watch and record Live TV with Roku and Tablo

Did you know that you could have watched 94 out of 1000 most watched TV programs of the last year for free and just with an antenna? Yes, it is true.

In the most major cities, a simple over the air (OTA) HDTV antenna can give you access to almost all the local and national broadcast networks including CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox, and all in beautiful HD quality. When you combine a Tablo, a network connected DVR designed especially for the use with Over the Air TV antennas with your Roku Tv or Roku streaming player, and you can enjoy all of this free content live as it airs for later just like you would with a DVR from a cable or satellite company.

How Tablo Works

Free Tv signals are broadcast from local broadcast towers by your Over the air antenna which then connects to Tablo- a small device about the size of a small paperback book. Tablo pipes those live tv signals over your home’s  wi-fi network where it will get so the Roku devices and your other devices that are connected to the internet, can access them very easily.

Tablo TV setup With Roku

It means that you can place a Tv antenna where it gets the best signal, then connect It to a single Tablo OTA DVR and watch, pause and record live tv from as many as six Roku devices including Roku TVs also, in your home. It completely depends upon the quality of the network at your home.

Why Roku and Tablo are a great combo

With Roku devices and Tablo you can watch, pause, and record your favorite current network sitcoms and drama, live sports, movies, local news, and children’s programming. All this can be done via the same Roku home screen and remote, that you family is already using to watch the streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and much more.

Tablo-TV-with Roku-devices

The Roku channel of Tablo provides a live TV grid guide, which is very easy to use so that you can see what shows are airing in the coming next 24 hours and start watching them live. Programs that will be airing in the next two weeks of time period, are arranged in a guide that will be in the style of Netflix guide along with the cover art, episode and series synopses that makes it discover new shows and set series recording schedules so that you will never miss any of your favorites, even if you are not at home to watch them.

Now you might be concerned about the data cap from your internet service provider, then don’t panic. Tablo’s broadcast content comes in via your TV antenna instead of over your internet connection. It’s a great way to watch as much TV as you want when you want, and that too without affecting your data usage. Tablo’s free OTA-sourced content will not make you incur data coverage charges or require you to buy a more expensive package for in-home streaming.