Now Users Can Search From More Than 50 Channels Including News With Roku Search

Roku users can now find the world-class entertainment from the Roku’s popular streaming channels using the Roku search. Popular channels like Crackle, Hulu, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies and TV, Netflix, Showtime and more.Roku has incorporated an in-depth and unbiased search that allows users to find the TV shows and movies that are available for streaming. The list is arranged according to the price, thus making it a lot easier and affordable for users. Roku search due to its functionality has been rated among the top features by the Roku users. But, users need to make sure that the Roku link code activation is done in the right way in order to get access to the streaming channels.

The-Hunger-Games-Roku-Search-1024x576Roku Search is a powerful feature and here is how you can use it: If you want to watch ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, then you can conduct the Roku Search in order to find where the movie is available for streaming. An important fact to consider here is that, if you have subscribed to Time Warner Cable, Amazon Video or Hulu, then you can stream the movie for free. You can take Roku help if you are not getting free subscription.

The company is excited to announce that the horizon of Roku Search has expanded to more than 50 channels, which include a number of new channels as well.

Crackle, WATCH DIY Network, ABC, Viewster, NetflixFXNOW, Amazon Video, NAT GEO TV, CBS NewsComedy Central, Indieflix, Premiere, Nick Jr., CONtv,  Disney ChannelDisney JuniorDisney XD, Dove Channel, ABC News, DramaFeverEncore Play, FandangoNOW, Fandor, Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, Watch HGTVFreeform, , Google PlayHBO GO, Hulu, BIGSTAR, MTV, DocuramaNBC News, Met Opera on Demand, NickelodeonWATCH Cooking Channel, CinemaNow, Pop Flix Classic MoviesSHOWTIME, Bloomberg TV, Smithsonian Channel, SnagFilms Watch Free MoviesAcorn TV, Starz PlayTime Warner Cable, Tribeca Shortlist, Tubi TVVH1, VUDUCBS All Access, Watch Food Network, Shout Factory TV, Popcornflix, FOX NOW and Watch Travel Channel

The company has outlined three ways to find news content on its amazing platform:

  • There is a ‘news’ menu that is given on the home screen of Roku. If a user navigate this option, then he/she will find the top news headlines from America Online (AOL) in a wide range of categories, including lifestyle, sports, entertainment, business and technology. Users can find more about it on www Roku com link.
  • There is a 2nd option as well, which involves directly visiting and streaming the news channel. A user can watch more than 200 News and Weather streaming channels, along with choosing the best news outlet.
  • Then, there is 3rd option, which suggests finding the news through Roku search. It is easy for a user to find various news outlets such as Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News and Fox Business. Users can add these channels from Roku com link. The list of channels is getting bigger and bigger with many more members joining in the near future.

New-Roku-SearchThe company is well-aware of the customers’ desires to search for the news headlines. This is why the company now offer all the above-mentioned channels on all seven days of the week. Those who wish to watch the news related to ‘NBA Finals’ can also watch the results. They just need to click on the news headline to begin the streaming of the news story.

617-Roku-Search-News-1024x576However, those who only want to see the current headlines, then they can search the date and get access to current headlines. But, all this is possible if the Roku set up has been done properly.

There is no doubt upon the fact that the Roku search is a great way to find the content that users wish to watch. The company is excited to launch these capabilities to search and discover anything. The viewing experience has become a lot more exciting on Roku TV and Roku players, and users may stay tuned for more additions that are on their way.