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Nine best Roku apps (or ‘Channels’) to get the most from your TV streamer in 2016

Roku has been popular name in the streaming world and is still one of the best hardware option to turn your TV into smart TV and that too by easy Roku set up. Roku provides huge collection of apps from where you can choose and download.

The Roku streaming stick and Roku3 media player offer best amazing features which make Roku unique in the TV streaming world. Roku 3 includes a headphone jack to enjoy private listening. Also, the Roku app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone also supports voice search so now you don’t have to tap your remote. Roku provides the 1400+ apps on its platform.

Below we have shortlisted some of the best apps or Channels you got to have in your Roku and if you are new to the Roku family then navigate to Www roku com link to know the further process of activation.


Netflix on RokuWe don’t think we need to mention Netflix as this will be the first thing you’ll download .The remote features a special Netflix button which allows quick access to the app and everything runs smoothly and quickly. However, you can also find some great shows and movies on your phone or tablet by using Roku app.

Note that if you have 4 K capable TV at home then that will certainly have Netflix app in it.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

amazon_primeAfter Netflix other service you should have is Amazon Prime instant Video. Well, this app can create few problems on some platforms like slow buffering. But fortunately you won’t have any issue on Roku .The Amazon Video app opens quickly and also let you streams at high quality.

Plex Media Server

plex media serverYou can stream media from your laptop or NAS drive .All you need to install Plex Media Server on your computer and then you will able to browse through video, image and music files to be played via the Roku and streaming will begin at full quality. But you have to pay out for extra options like Cloud access with this you can access your files from the home computer. All you need to plug in Roku into a screen.


crunchyrollManga fans will be delighted to know that Crunchyroll is available on Roku. Well, Crunchyroll is an online streaming resource for the things that are related to Manga here you can find amazing Japanese cartoon shows. For a bewildering experience watch Dog scissors. Crunchyroll is also available in app form for iOS, Android et al.


Spotify-new-logoYou can turn your TV to a giant speaker by using Spotify app on Roku. You require to sign in to subscribe to this service. The best thing about this app is you immediately get access to all you’re your playlists for quick playback options plus you can continue from where you left off on your phone. If you have already connected your Roku with your sound system then get ready to get blown away by the sound.

Other Apps which you can download are YouTube, Nowhere TV, Sky News, NOW TV on your Roku or navigate roku com for more updates