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Tips for the Improvement of Wireless Connection to Your Roku Devices

Your Roku device provides you a massive range of content for streaming with the help of a network connection. You need a very good internet connection from your router or modem to your Roku device. We have come up with a small guide that will help you in improving the network connection to your Roku device. You can also take Roku Help in this case also, but firstly try these steps:

How to Check your Wireless Signal Strength

Your Roku device provides you the information on the strength of the wireless signals that it is receiving. You check it by following these steps:

Howto Check your Roku Wireless Signal Strength

  • Go to settings > Network.
  • If your Roku device is not connected, select setup a new wireless connection. If you are unable to see your network name, then maybe you are too far from the device, then try those steps that we will tell you to improve the connection and then try to set up your connection again. If you like to connect to a different router, select setup new wireless connection.
  • When connected the wireless signal, strength will be shown on the screen as poor, Good or Excellent.
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Playback issues despite having good or excellent signal strength

  • Check for the wireless interference cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other wireless devices near your router can cause interference, so keep them away.
  • Check whether your internet service provider is currently experiencing issues and that your package provides enough speed for the streaming.
  • Reduce usage of devices currently accessing the network like other streaming devices or computers.

Playback issues despite having fair or poor signal strength

  • Try to move Roku device and router closer to each other for strong signal strength.
  • Try to move them where there are lesser objects and walls in between them so as to get strong signal strength.
  • You can just try to move your Roku only so as to check whether the issue is with signal strength.
  • Try to reorient the antennas of the router.
  • Try to move either Roku device or router. Sometimes a small inch or feet can make a difference.
  • Try to move them to a height.
  • If your router or Roku is in the cabinet, then take them out.
  • If TV is between router and Roku device, then try to move to a place where TV doesn’t block them.
  • If you are using Roku streaming stick, then try to move it away by using a free extension cable.

If wireless signals are not Strong Enough

  • Purchase a new wireless router that provides a stronger signal or has a more reliable software.
  • There are more advanced home network options such as range extenders, mesh network routers or powering extenders that help in increasing the wireless coverage.
  • If you have a Roku device with an Ethernet jack, you might be able to run an Ethernet cable or Ethernet might be a temporary solution to verify whether the wireless connection is your real problem.
  • Try to move your Roku player to different Tv that is closer to your wireless router.