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How To Use The Feature Of Pausing Live TV Using Roku Remote?

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Roku TV sets have been equipped with a great feature that was not present in the devices when they first came into the scene. This new feature that was added a few months ago has allowed users to pause Live TV or air TV. This has given more control to the users with regards to their favorite digital entertainment.

All the Roku TV’s from different legendary brands like sharp, TCL and some others are going to be updated with Roku OS version 7.5. If Your TV employs a digital antenna with itself then you have the option to pause the live contents for a max of 90 minutes. This is a commendable feature that Roku TV sets are providing. You can get knowledge about this feature from official Roku link. There is the necessity for at least 16 GB storage device in order enjoy this feature. You can connect the USB drive to your device for this purpose or use the portable hard disk for it.

The part of the show that you missed while pausing it will be saved on your storage device and you can watch the missing part of the storage device. There is no need to go to Roku com link for the same. With this feature, your TV will work like a DVR that playback the DVD contents to the TV. There is no need to worry about if your network gets interrupted or the services from the particular channel are temporarily stopped. All the missed part of a show, particularly match will be stored in your data drive from where you can watch it anytime.

Roku TV sets are otherwise also known for their astounding features. These TV sets will give value for your money and you will feel satisfied by using these devices. Roku always tries to bring the best for their customers and it keeps on updating the device for this. The latest update that has been released for the Roku TV OS is 7.5. You will not only get the ability to pause the live TV feature but also get a private listening feature on a smartphone through Roku TVs.

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Unlike Earlier, you need to connect the headphones to the TV remote for private listening now you can connect the headphones to your smartphone. You only need to have Roku app on your smartphone, which you can easily download from the mobile store. You will find private listening feature in all the Roku streaming media players and other set-top boxes but you can’t connect the headphones to a smartphone on these devices. This feature is exclusively available in 7.5 OS update that is meant for Roku TV sets. For detailed information and support related to new update go to www support Roku com website.

Now connect the smartphone to your Roku wirelessly and listen to the contents privately. You can now watch shows and videos on the big screen and enjoy its music in your ears without disturbing any family member at home. Just connect the headphones to 3.5 mm jack fixed at the top of smartphone device and enjoy listening seamlessly.

The update is rolling out for all the TV’s that are running its OS. It is important to mention here that private listening supports streaming contents only and if you try to listen to the live TV then you may face the problem. One of the most common problems is response time. The coupling of sound and video is not attained due to network problem and this results in a delay in music from actual live video. You will not even get Roku technical support for this issue.

Roku OS update 7.5 allows all the set-top box users to adjust the TV loudness with the help of Roku remote buttons available physically on the remote. Moreover, multiple persons can use ‘play on Roku’ function simultaneously and mirror the local device screen to the TV screen. If you want to know more about ‘play on Roku’ function, you can go to www Roku com link, as there is nothing that you can’t find this link.

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