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How To Troubleshoot Problems With Roku IR (Infrared) Remote?

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The problem of a non-functional Roku IR remote is quite annoying, but can occur quite often. If you are facing this problem, then you need to follow certain steps, which you can easily find on Roku com support website.

Roku remote is a crucial element when it comes to operating Roku. If Roku remote isn’t working properly, then the first thing that you have to determine the type of remote you are using, as there are two types of Roku remotes available on the market:

  1. Standard IR (infrared) remote.
  2. Enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ remote.

If you are not sure as to which remote you have, then you can easily determine it by taking off the remote cover and look for a pairing button. If you find no pairing button, then it is a standard Roku IR remote, which is being used by the majority of Roku users. We will be discussing the troubleshooting steps of IR remote only, so pay a close attention to what comes next.

A remote with a pairing button is called Roku Enhanced Remote, and the troubleshooting of such remotes is different from that of what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

Working of a Standard IR Remote:

A standard IR remote uses IR (infrared light) to send the signal at a short distance from the remote. So, if you have placed your Roku device 3-5 meters away from Roku remote, then Roku device is going to respond to the commands of Roku remote quite easily. But, you must point the remote directly at the Roku device and the line of sight for the signal should be clear.

Reasons why a Roku IR remote doesn’t work:

When you press a button on your Roku remote and if it doesn’t respond, or responds erratically, then the remote is not working properly. The most common reason for missed button presses is the location of the Roku remote. Maybe the remote is placed in a position where the signal from the remote is partially or fully blocked. The second most common reason is low or dead batteries. To fix these problems, you can try below-mentioned steps:

  1. Test for visible obstructions:
    • You need to check whether you can see the front side of your Roku device or not. If not, then move to a location where the front side is clearly visible. There shouldn’t be any device obstructing the signal that is sent from Roku remote to Roku device. Move the remote left, right, up and down and figure out the position where the remote is most responsive. Once you have determined that the Roku remote is fully responsive, then you need to move all the devices that could obstruct the signal.
  2. Reset batteries of Roku remote
    • If your Roku device isn’t responding to the button presses, then you need to remove the batteries from the remote and re-insert them.
  3. Replace the batteries 
    • If Roku remote doesn’t work after resetting the batteries, then you will have the replace the batteries with new ones.
  4. Try a new Roku remote
  5. If all steps fail to work, then you may have to get a new Roku remote. But, keep in mind that the new remote is compatible with the Roku device.

Your Roku remote is going to restore its functionality after you try all four steps, but if that doesn’t happen, then you will have to take help of Roku help and support providers.

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