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How to stream content from USB drive on Roku 3 player?

Now what we are going to discuss today in this blog post will definitely prove helpful for you. If you want to watch the videos or music stored on your USB drive, then we are going to discuss the process to connect the USB drive to your Roku device. Read all the steps mentioned in this blog post carefully and connect your USB drive with the Roku player strictly in the same manner. If you find any problem in connecting the device, then you can also take help from www Roku com link. This is an official link for Roku player support.

Connect the hard drive to the Roku 3 player:

You must have seen the USB port on your Roku player.  If not, then it is available on the top of your Roku 3. Connect the hard drive to the Roku 3 via this port and open the Roku channel store to download the interface channel for this hard drive. Without interfacing channel, you won’t be able to communicate with this external device. The downloading of this channel is mandatory for you. It only takes your few minutes to download. If you find any problem in searching the channel on the Roku channel store, then go to Roku support link from your computer. You will find complete details related to searching on this link.

Play from USB drive on Roku 3

Now we are going to discuss the steps to access the USB drive contents through Roku 3 player. Kindly pay close attention to these points if you want to experience seamless streaming. There is no need to go to Roku com link after reading the below-mentioned steps as these are already verified by the Roku officials.

Step1: Press the home button from the Roku 3 remote. You will find that Roku home menu will get appeared on the screen.

Step2: Scroll down to open the channel store menu. Now again click on ‘ok’ button from your Roku remote. In case, you find that your Roku remote not working, then replace the batteries of your remote at the earliest and try the step again.

Step3: Under channel option, you will find Music menu on the left of the screen. Click on it to open it.

Step4: Select the USB player from the list of different sources and confirm it by clicking on ‘OK’ button from the remote.

Step5: Add the USB channel by pressing ‘OK’ on the USB media player.

Step6: Now softly connect the USB drive to the Roku 3 USB port.

Step7: Tap on ‘Go to channel’ option.

Step8: Tap on Movies, music and photos option.

Step9: Go to folder from where you want to play a file.

Play movies or Stream content from USB drive on Roku 3 player

You can connect any USB drive with your Roku 3 model regardless of its memory storage. You can connect any portable device with this Roku 3 model and there is no need to provide any additional power supply to the external device. Roku 3 itself is capable of delivering the power to the drive. More information about this is available on Roku com and Roku support link.

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