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How To Make Roku Feed Work On Your Roku Player?

According to you, what is the biggest hurdle in streaming videos? Isn’t it the inability to keep a check on the TV shows that are running on dozens of services? Had DVR got the ability to manage different channels, people wouldn’t have to find out the apps like Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Hulu and more.

The makers of Roku are busy finding the easiest of the ways to find channels on Roku, and they have come up with a feature named ‘My Feed’, which is a great find. Want to know why? Then, keep reading the blog post.

Roku was doing good a year ago, but with the inception of features like ‘My Feed’, things have changed dramatically in Roku. So, let us find out what ‘Roku Feed’ is and how it has changed the platform forever.

Working of Roku Feed

The option of ‘Roku Feed’ can be found just below the main home-screen. You can select ‘My Feed’ and scroll down the menu in order to choose the appropriate video categories.

  1. In movies category, you can find the list of movies that you can purchase, rent or subscribe for streaming.
  2. Then, there is a category named ‘movies coming soon’, which has the information about the movies that are still running in the theatres or are yet to arrive on the platform.
  3. In the ‘TV shows’ category, you can find the list of the top-rated television shows.

Roku search TVYou can select the movie and/or the TV show that you want to add to your ‘feed’. You will get all the notifications related to that particular TV show or movie, which is a great feature because it keeps things exciting. You can read all the latest info regarding the actors and directors related to that show or movie. But, the fun can be ruined if your Roku remote not working, so you have to make sure that you are using a fully-functional remote while choosing the movie or TV show for your feed.

Roku feed and the streaming services it supports

Roku had big plans at the time when they were about to launch Roku feed, but things didn’t go in the same way as they had expected. There is no doubt upon the fact that there are a countless number of content providers supporting Roku, but they are not consistently available on Roku. Take Netflix for example, Netflix hasn’t shared whole of its data on Roku Feed because they are not interested in keeping their subscribers busy over the network of a 3rd party company. This is the reason that Roku not working for a number of features that streaming services have in the offering.

There are other issues in Roku as well, which could eclipse the excitement of Roku feed, these are:

  1. Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled: This is a very frustrating issue and it arises when the HDMI cable that connects Roku with the TV is not working properly. The content, which is supposed to be flawless turns out to be full of flaws. You can’t see a thing properly and your streaming experience is totally ruined. In order to fix the issue of HDCP unauthorized Roku, you need to take the help of the Roku technical support. You can either approach the Roku company or any 3rd party firm. The main thing is to get rid of the issue.
  2. Roku Error Code 014: This is another issue that is creating problems for the people. If you are facing this issue, then you must check your Ethernet connection. If the setup has not been fully completed, then this issue can arise and disturb your entertainment. You can take the help of a technical support to fix this issue if you have no information as to how to resolve it.