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How To Locate 4K or 4K HDR Content For Roku Streaming?

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People find difficulty in the searching the 4K and 4K HDR channels. Due to which today we have come up with the procedure to find these channels within the Roku Channel Store and over many other streaming Channels.

Users can visit the Roku Channel Store from their Roku streaming box if they want to add or view any new Channel. Roku channel store contains a variety of Channels including the normal Channels, HD Channels, 4k Channels and the 4K HDR Channels. So the users who want to view the 4K or 4K HDR Channels need to identify and find them within that shuffled list of Channels.  So to avoid this problem today, we will discuss the steps to find all the 4K and 4K HDR channels in one list.

Steps To Find 4 K or 4K HDR Channels From Roku Channel Store :

  • Hold down the Homekey on your Roku remote control.
  • The menu will open up, so find the option for “Streaming Channels” and click on it.
  • Click on Browse to view the available channels, then choose the 4K or 4K UHD Content availablein that list of browsing channels. You can also find a huge variety of movies and TV shows in 4K HDR format. If in case you find any problem in the searching the channels, then you should contact your cable service provider.

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If in case you don’t have your Roku in front of you, then you can add this 4K Channels by accessing the Roku Channel Store on Computer or any of your Smart phones connecting to the internet network. So go through the following steps to access Roku channel store without Roku Streaming box:

  • Open any web browser and the type the URL as
  • Click on My accountto Login with your Roku account. Now select the Categories and generics as 4K UHD Content by moving the scroll bar Available to view the channels with 4K and 4K ultra HD content.

The 4K Spotlight channel contains the list 4K Channels which include 4K and 4K HDR pictures and television reality shows that can be accessed over a variety of channels with different categories. Roku streaming players that allow 4K streaming have the 4K Spotlight installed on it. If your Roku supports 4K, but still you are not able to find 4K Spotlight channel, then you should try adding it.

Once you locate the desired 4 K or 4K Ultra HD channels, then add them to your channels list by clicking on the option to “Add Channel.” You can find this option by clicking on the channel name while you are viewing it in the Roku Channel Store. If a Channel is available for free, then you don’t need to go through the payment settings. Else if that channel has a price mentioned in front of it, then you will have to do payment settings for processing the payment before adding that channel.

After adding the 4 K Spotlight Channel, go through the following  steps to access it:

  • Hold down the Homekey on your Roku remote control.
  • Open the left menu to access the options available under Home.
  • Use the left and Right keys of Roku remote to navigate the page and choose the option for “4K Spotlight.”

Now you can select the content you want to view. It might ask you to launch the channel which broadcasts that content. So open that channel and if that Channel is not available with your Roku streaming device, then you will receive a prompt for adding it on your Roku to stream that 4K or 4K Ultra HD content.

So this is all you need for locating and streaming 4K or 4K Ultra HD content on your Roku box.

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