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How To Identify The Network Name And Password Of Home Wi-Fi?

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Many of the new Roku users find difficulty in setting up the wireless network for their Roku as they are not able to locate the network name and password for their home network. So today we will discuss the steps to overcome this problem.

Roku’s customer base is still growing rapidly due to its excellent level of service delivered to its customer. Although Roku provides its users a self-installation manual for Roku account setup to make it work, still many users are unable to complete the installation procedure. There might be several reasons due to which users are not able to complete the setup like power issues, missing wires, Loose connection, internet issues, etc. Due to which many users look out for help options from www Support Roku Com to fix the problem. Many users are unable to find their wireless network name and password for setting up the wireless internet connection for Roku. Some people opt out for a wired connection with the help of Ethernet cables while those who do not have the Ethernet wire need to wait for setting the internet network for their Roku. The name and password are the musts to connect to the wireless network. Once all the wired connection are made, and the Roku is powered on, the user needs to select the Network name to connect to it. So today here are few simple steps to guide you in locating the network name and password of home Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi name is also known as SSID and is initially set by the internet service provider or by the manufacturer of the modem or router. So if you are accessing the network name for the first time, then you can find it at the back of modem or router. If you don’t locate the network name and the default password from the back of the modem, then contact your ISP to provide you with that.

In case the Roku is unable to detect the Wi-Fi name then go through following steps:

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  1. Look for the network name of the device to which rest of your devices are connecting. So click on “connect” with the same network name for your Roku.
  2. If the Roku doesn’t show your network name in the list of available networks, Click on “Scan” to again search for the desired network name. Also, make sure that you are within the network range of your Wi-Fi.

In case you don’t remember the network name visit the official sites of the manufacturer of your modem or router and search for the options to retrieve the network name.

Similarly, if you earlier changed the network name and password for your device and now you no longer remember it, then contact the service provider of your internet to reset them for you.

Note: Your password might be shown as wrong if you are not entering it in the exact capitalization sequence because the passwords are case sensitive. So you should make sure you enter it in the same sequence of small and big alphabetical series.

Also, feel free to get Roku Account Setup procedures if you find any issue while getting started with the device.

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