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How to fix Video not showing bug from Roku streaming stick?

Is your streaming is going well with your Roku device? The company has just positioned itself as one of the key players in the lineup of streaming devices and smart TVs in the market. Even the devices of the company have also become the top entertaining source for all the users around the world. In the lineup of all the users, if you are one of the new users, then you can head to Roku com link to get the link to activate your Roku account properly.

There is no doubt that most of the users must be having an entertaining streaming experience. But, there are instances when some of the users have to face the no video bug from their Roku player on the big screen. Before heading to the solutions, make sure that the power light on the front of your Roku player is ON. If it is off, then you can get in touch with experts to give you solutions to ON the power light to move on to the further solutions.

Steps required to take-

First of all, you need to make sure that the Roku player is linked directly to the TV. In the case, if your Roku player linked with an AVR, then you will require to delink it and link it back again directly to the TV. After doing this, the possibility of having a problem with the AVR would get reduced, and it will be easy to fix up the problem.

Now you need to ensure that the TV is switched ON and then head on to press a button on the Roku remote to make sure that the Roku device is not in the screen saver or standby mode.

Roku video not showing error

All the possible reasons due to which you can’t see the video on the TV-

1) You have chosen the wrong input (source) on the TV

  • This mistake could be the most common that you make. There are many video inputs on the side or back of the TV that used for linking the various devices like the cable boxes and also Roku players. You need to make sure that you select the right input that is same as the one which has already linked to the Roku player.
  • Now check which of the input you have linked with the Roku player; the name of the video connector will get named with the input name; like HDMI 2, HDMI 1, VIDEO IN 1, and AUX, etc.
  • The changing of the input could be different according to the model and brand of the TV, but it can access with a button on the remote control of the TV. If you can do so, then head on to check the instructions that you get with your TV, or just try the below points:
  • First of all look out for a button on the remote control of the TV which describes Input, Source, TV/Video, Video, AUX, or something which is similar. Now, just press the button. According to the TV, there are chances that the pressing of the button may go by the available number of inputs, or it can show a menu with the different choice of inputs.
  • In the case, if it goes via the inputs- In between the pressing of the button to permit the TV for detecting the video, you have to wait for around 10 seconds.
  • If a menu gets showed up- You will require using the arrow button on the remote of the TV to select the correct input and then just press the Select or Now, head on to choose each input and then wait for around 10 seconds to permit the TV to uncover the video.
  • If in both the cases, there is not video revealed on the input, then your TV will display a message such as “No signal detected” or “No video.”

   2) There is fault on the cable, or the video cable has not linked properly-

  • You need to ensure that the video cable is linked strongly to the Roku player’s back side and the composite connector or HDMI on the TV. So, if you got a Roku streaming stick on your side, then make sure that it is linked strongly to the HDMI connector of the TV.
  • If it is possible, then do check out that if you got a faculty cable by just linking the Roku player with a different cable.

  3)  There is a problem with the TV

  • If it is possible for you, then head on to linking the Roku player to an unlike input on the TV to view if there is any problem with the TV’s connector or not.
  • If it is possible for you, then head on to relinking the Roku player to a separate television to witness if there is any issue with the TV or the Roku player.

4) If the problem persists,

  • Head on to delink and relink all the cables attached to the TV, including the power cable.

If you still face the bug, then just go to the experts and get the proper guidance with the proper solutions.