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How To Fix Roku Remote So That It Can Pair With Roku Device?

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Roku device works even better with a remote control, which is why Roku device is accompanied by Roku remote. In order to control contents in a Roku device via Roku remote, you will have to pair both the devices. But, in case, you come across any issue in the pairing process, then you need to figure out the problem. We in this blog post will try to find out the issues in Roku devices that causes the pairing problem with Roku remote.

Roku Remote Is Not Functioning

When you find your Roku remote not working, then you have to try moving it closer to the Roku player. You need to check the batteries of the remote, which is at the bottom of the remote. You need to make sure that they are in a proper working condition and are also inserted properly. The pairing is done automatically during the start-up and when you go through the guided setup. There will be a status light that will glow in the front of your Roku player. So, if it glows for just once, then the issue is not just in your remote, but somewhere else as well.

Roku Remote Is Not Getting Synched With Roku Player

If your Roku not working regardless of how much closer you take your Roku remote, then there is a problem in syncing. In order to get it synced, you need to unplug the power adapter, wait a few seconds and then, plug the power adapter back in. Open the battery compartment and bring the remote closer to the Roku player. There is a pairing button inside the battery compartment, which you have to press for three seconds. When you press it, you have to wait for ten seconds before you could see the LED in the remote stopped from flashing. Now, it’s time to use the remote again.

Roku remote not pairing with Roku player

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If your Roku remote is not pairing with your Roku device, then you need to go to the home screen, then go to settings and select remote pairing. Now, you have to follow the instructions that are displayed on your television screen. After the process is complete, you need to test the remote to see if it is getting paired with the Roku player or not.

If not, then you need to unplug the power adapter from your Roku player. You must be aware of the A & B button on your Roku player, so you need to press those buttons and hold them. Then, you have to press the pairing button, which is given on the back of the Roku remote. When you release the buttons, you will see LED flashing three times, which indicates that the remote is cleared. The same procedure can fix another issue, which is known as HDCP unauthorized Roku.

Roku remote software is not updated

If the software of your Roku remote is not updated, then you will find problems. If you are not able to get your Roku player and remote updated, then you will find Roku error code 011. You need to update your Roku remote in order to make it work with your Roku player. The process of updating is quite simple, so you can go to the official site and get your Roku updated. You can connect Roku to WiFi in order to update your Roku player as well as Roku remote.

Now that you know how to pair your Roku player, you should be able to get your Roku remote in a working condition.

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