Hopster and Starz app now on Roku

Hopster and Starz app on RokuTwo more services are launching on Roku platform making it the one of the biggest streaming content provider. Hopster is launching a localized French language app in France. Hopster is available on Roku streaming players in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland, and France, and is also available on Roku TVs in the US and Canada.

This channel is free to download from Roku channel store and after a complimentary one week trail. The regular cost of Hopster subscription is US $5.99 in the US, 3.99 pounds in the UK, and 4.99 Euros in France and Ireland. This service features shows including Peppa Pig, Super Why, Teletubbies, Monster math Squad, and Reading Rainbow.


Nick Walters, CEO of Hopster, said that Roku has been taking the streaming media market by storm with its great quality and affordable devices. So, Hopster is delighted to be launched on such a platform. The company believes that it is important that kids can have access to a reliable, ad-free, and safe when they will only ever see the best streaming content. The company hopes that by reaching millions of families through Roku platform, it will help parents relax, guilt-free, knowing when on Hopster, their little ones will always learn and discover something new.

Ed Lee, vice president of content acquisition at Roku said that Hopster is a great addition to Roku streaming line-up, offering a wide variety of streaming entertainment for kids from classic nursery rhymes to Bob the Builder and Caillou by choosing Hopster parents can assure from little ones to watch entertainment that they approve.

Starz-Roku app

Another service launching on Roku streaming device is Starz online video service. This comes after Starz launched its app on Android, iOS, and Apple Tv in April last year. The cable network followed the Showtime and HBO in launching its own standalone streaming service in April, selling the access of original shows like outlander, the Girlfriend Experience, and American Gods for $8.99 per month to consumers with our without a cable subscription. Starz also offers access to select movies, giving the consumers a total catalog of around 2700 titles every month. Starz decided to more closely align its standalone streaming service with its existing online services for pay Tv subscribers. Consumers who have Starz as a part of their pay TV package can also access all the networks content through the same app on Roku and other devices after signing in with their pay-TV credentials. HBO and Showtime, on the other hand, have separate apps for their standalone services and their authenticated Tv everywhere services.

That distinction matter at least to the consumers of some TV providers. Comcast has thus refused to authenticate the users for the new Starz app on Apple TV because the operators are taking issue with Starz combining the standalone and authenticated service tiers in one app. There is now word yet whether the  Comcast will allow its subscribers to use the new Starz app on Roku devices.