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Hisense Launched A New TV Series With Built-In Roku TV Support

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The quest for a smart TV has become even tougher with the new series coming from Hisense. The company has launched four models, with each one integrated with Roku TV. To know more about this TV series and the four models, kindly read the blog post.

Planning to buy a new TV? With a wide range of options available on the market, I would suggest that you buy a TV in which you don’t have to plug any device or wire into it aside from an antenna. You can get a Roku TV, as it is the most desirable option, and is quite affordable as well, even for 4K models. If you are unsure whether to get Roku TV, then you need to check Hisense’s Roku TV 4K UHD R7 Smart TV Series, which consists of built-in Roku TV, so you don’t need any other media-streaming device to hook up with your TV.

Hisense’s R7 series is available in four sizes, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch. But you will be surprised to know that all TV sets have the ability to display picture in 4K and are powered by high dynamic range (HDR) via HDR10 standard. But, you are not going to get Dolby Vision, which is available in other models, but there are still a plenty of things to look forward to, such as additional contrast and vivid colors HDR. You can even find UHD upscaling, which will augment the quality of older movies, as those features too will appear in 4K.

A significant number of TVs don’t focus much on audio, but the R7 series makes use of DTS TruSurround technology to enhance your viewing experience. If you take a look at the 65-inch comes with 30 watts of power, where you will find the 55-inch and 50-inch models sporting a 20 watts of power. Whereas, 43-inch TV features 14 watts of power.

There are two things in particular that consumers look to have on their TV sets, which are; an elegant design that they can show off to their friends and relatives and a great user experience. With the inclusion of Roku TV in Hisense TV series, the reputation and customer base is also supposed to increase.

Hisense R7 series is going to run on Roku TV platform, and customers buying a TV of this series will get more than 5,000 streaming channels, which include more than 500,000 TV shows and movies. There has been a cross-channel search feature incorporated into the TV series, which makes it easier for customers to find out what they are looking for, irrespective of the channel, its availability, and cost. Customers can even sort out a particular content by price in order to save money.

Hisense Roku TV 4K UHD R7 Smart TV Series is available at the retail shops, and people who are looking to buy this amazing TV series can get it from Sam’s Club and Costco. Soon, it is going to appear on Best Buy as well. Now, coming to the price of the TVs in the R7 series, then the price of 65-inch model is $700, for the 55-inch model, it is $500, whereas the cost of 50-inch and 43-inch TV cost around $430 and $350 respectively.

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